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School Memories -Part I


Everybody has many Experiences at their school time some sweet and some sour memories. Some we want to share and some we don't want to..... but still I think whatever we could we should share with as many as possible. I am glad that, I am still connected to some of my school friends which usually not possible in this wast and busy world. Of course we will not be able to be in touch with all the friends for ever :(
Ok let's not drag this more and try to get into the point.
That is the Prakash Nagar area, Rajahmundry. East Godavari Dist., Andhra Pradesh.
On monday morning 9 O'clock there were many kids with big school bags going inside a big gate with an Arch above it which said Prakasam Centenary Memorial High School (PCM).
1992 Oct, I entered this gate with my dad by watching the surroundings all kids were wearing white shirt and blue half pants. I understand that this must be the uniform of this school. I was going to join this school for my VI standard as my dad moved from near village to the town for our studies.
I was little scared as I was not sure how this school and friends going to be and most important part was teachers. They might be very strict about the assignments and home work in which I am not good at.
Once my admission formalities are done, clerk told me to go to the first floor last room named VI-B. I said OK and went there by saying bye to my dad.
I went inside and there was no teacher in the class, I reached first bench and no one sitting there I kept my bag there and sat there. After some time one boy came inside the class and directly came to me and said this is my place try to sit in 2nd bench at that time I wasn't know that he is Sashil and going to be my best by next year. I had to move back this repeated again and I moved directly to the last bench. This was my first day experience in school. The class teacher was Subbalaxmi teacher, she was very cool and very kind in nature. I will never forget her for sure. She used to help economically backward students with books, uniforms etc.
By completion of this year I can say I don't have any friend close to me in this period of time. But Venky (Venkateswarlu Salagramam) was one who would come to my house and we used to play games at his home with his brother and study together for exams etc.
We reached VII and the class teacher was Sharada teacher. She is so think and has a little sick look. but she is very strict in the class and she used to beat the students if they create any mess in the class. She always wanted the class "pin drop silence", and she was successful in maintaining that too.
I had to sit on the last bench even in this class as people used to carry on their places class to class. I was so scared in sharda teacher's class and I never created any mess where most of the last benchers used to create problems. She noticed me when we got the marks of first unit test. I got much better marks than some of the first bench students I guess. I was not sure what was the reason, She called me one day in the class by pointing the finger, I was so scared .... I thought what mistake I did? but she said what is your name? I said with a very low voice ... "RaviKiran". She screamed, say it loudly. I said in a much bigger voice "Ravi Kiran" teacher. Ok, from tomorrow you sit in the first bench, beside Sashil. I said Ok and sit back in my seat. I was happy inside and at the same time afraid of this teacher.
This way, I transited my place to first bench and making friends at first bench. I got the place beside the class topper "Shashil Kumar Reddy". and I was not aware of the guy next to me on the other side. He looked cute with his chubby cheaks and wheatish complection. I said hello to him and he smiled back. We exchanged names his name was Ramchandran(referred as JNS in nex pages), it would take a full like if I write his complete named over here (Jayanti Naga Srinivasa Ramachandran). Now he is my one of the best Pal in the list. This way we three became bench mates. Ofcourse here I have to tell another name Venu Gopal, he was the second rank holder and a book worm too. we usually saw him reading books, nothing else. we used to play in the lunch hour by finishing our lunch ASAP, but this guy used to sit in the class and reading books.
Soon, I could make my best friends JNS and Sashil from this school. I joined a tuition class in my father's friend institute Modern Tuition Center (MTC) which is very famous in our town as well. Me and Sashil joined the same institute and in same batch. So, we started going together to the tuition. where as JNS and Venu Gopal joined Sharada teacher's tutorial school. but we never had any issue for this with teacher. She was quite ok but she always wanted somebody from her institute come as first in our class. Even it was happened for many times, Venu gopal stood first many times in many subjects.
Here I have to tell my position was very volatile always and I used to be in top five some where.
I would like to mention other bright students of our school hear JNS was first after the above two and I was also considered as an intelligent student ;). Then our friends list got increased to more number because of the Quiz program conducted by Sharada teacher between girls and boys. This Quiz used to be in every week and could be anytime. but the topic and subject was fixed a week before. So, we (Boys) have a fixed plan every week after the school unlike girls and read each of us one chapter completely and complete it before the due date.So, we made a team of guys Sashil, Venu, JNS, Me, Nagaraju, Venkateswarlu, MV Kiran, Uma Shankar.
This way we all became good friends and we used to exchange books, guide each other when required.
There are many things to Share but right now I am concluding with this.
Guys, If you want to add anymore memories please add.


  1. ravi good one. I am trying to collect my firstdays in PCM but you know how sharp is my memory :).
    some of good places i remember around PCM are dharmam chara(small playground for PCM),Manasa hospital for cricket matches and lase but not the least gouthami public school for cute little girls(maximum time will be spent there only).

  2. Thats really nice description of good old days, thanks for taking me back to early 90's for a while... i am his junior and brother of his best friend JNS Ramachandran.....i like humour in this guy..... Very IMP: we used to pull him with one girl, that girls is also so cute and he is the only boy having playboy look in the whole class...... hope all this stories will be covered by him in his next blogs....looking for more memories.......yours, prakash


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