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HVPM Sports Week - 2004

After a long time I activated my blog activities. So, here I would like to re memorize you all the week of sports- 2004 in HVPM. Our department has started this initiative of sports week as our management of the college belongs to a sports organization first then into technical studies. Whatever may be the reason we got the opportunity to show our sports man spirit in this week. The day we came to know about this everybody started talking about the only sport called “Cricket” as if there is only one sport in India. (May be we want to prove ourselves as true Indians :) Our regular chat point was library not canteen unlike other colleges (PS: usually libraries are the silent places) After seeing the notice board we went to library and started talking about cricket and people started boasting about their skills of cricket. Then I thought its going to be fun and took a notebook and started writing guy’s name and their skill. Then I could sense the real fun, guy’s started coming to me and telling “I am a batsman”, ”I am a spinner” and “I am a captain”. The last statement annoyed me a little bit. Then I asked this guy how come you are telling that you are a captain, this guy said I played University level matches and I was the captain of my team there. I said that’s cool.

Now we ( Me, Harya, Nitya, Dinesh and Lungikar ) as I know these people are already good players. Harya played ranji level cricket and Lungi played university level cricket. They started short listing the people from the list I have. They came up with the best 11 people from the list and said this would be our team. I forgot to mention the best player I mean best off Spinner of the team Ankush Athale. You will read more about this person in next few paragraphs.

After this decision there are many different opinions in the class. By evening all others who were not considered for the team A ( Best of SYMCA) started another lobby and created a team B (Other than the best). The next two days went in estimating the other teams FY, TY MCA team’s strengths and weakness. Then we came to know that Staff also started planning to make their team. Still people are not sure how their team will be and who could play up to what extent. The team A gave their team name as "Sharaara" influence by "Mohabbatein" movie. Then the other team anyways knew as not the best team and influence by "Nikamma kiya is dil ne" kept their name as "Nikamme".

The practice sessions started and Sharara team started their practice as if they are going for international match with Aussies or IPL match with Mumbai Indians :) Nikamme as usual no practice but all are doing at their home with galli cricket. After few days series got started and the day of the match with our team (Sharaara) and juniors team started. There are much more expectations on this team as all big players are in here. But the Bollywood rule applied to our match also. (Bollywood Rule: Hype increase for any movie it goes flop.) Now you can expect the end result easily. As our team started to loose the match there were many comments started coming from juniors saying seniors are useless and all. But here somebody from juniors commented something on us and Ankush Athale got reacted to this comment very seriously and started scolding him in very high pitch, as this guy was already out and waiting for the last formality of declaring the match result. Then everybody's attention started moving towards these people and even the junior (I don't want to name this fellow) started shouting "Shame on u” kind of words in front of all girls.
Anyways we somehow subside this issue here and we went to hostel. We all know this is just a game and the time was not ours that day. but the very next day out B (Nikamme) played against our seniors and won the match dramatically. This increased our class spirits and then the next plan was to switch the people who have not played well in the B with the good players in A. which was kept secret till the end of the next match with the staff. The match started and somebody from the lobby shouted that some players were already played with team A and now playing with team B, but for 1-2 people we could manage to keep as a substitute of the other person and all. But we had to loose some people. In this match I guess Ankush was the key player who gave away 10 -15(I don't remember the exact number now ) runs as extras and this was the major contribution in their win.
In the next match there was something more serious happened. I guess this is the first time I say a spinner who got twisted his both legs and fell on the ground. This great guy was none other than our Nikamma player Chotu Yadav. This is approximately 100 kg in weight and he fell flat on his other leg while bowling as his left leg got completely twisted upside down including bone. But fortunately our college is a Physical education college we have lot of sports people around. Some MPEd students came to see the problem while somebody I guess Piyush Jain came with a Luna to pick this guy to Hospital. That MPEd student said please call ambulance while he twisted this guy's leg to the normal position with his hands while we were watching this as act with stunning faces.
Fortunately Chotu Yadav was able to walk after a week because of the MPEd guy's immediate treatment. After all these things happend the sports week was a good memory for us but we couldn't win the cup.
The only relief for us is me and Cherya ( Mahesh Charegoankar ) won the badminton doubles title in the indoor stadium on the closing day. For which we had a huge party till 1 in the mid night in "Kaash", Which we cannot forget ever. This party happened in rain with all our seniors and juniors in the hostel.

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