Friday, June 4, 2010

Bhagwan Tera Bhala Karega !!! - Part I

Arriving to Angasana :) Anwar looking eager ...

After a long time I started scribbling on my blog. I was too busy with the spring security for many days... @ last we were able to finish the "Login Revamp". I was suppose to talk here about the Team building activities we have done for 2 days in Angasana Resort, Bangalore. These 2 days are unforgettable for many of us. This event was organized by APC by Schneider Electric, ES3 team lead by Gana.
Gana with his Cam !!! Ready to Shooooot ?

Many interesting things happened in these 2 days of interaction among the team. I should introduce some interesting characters of the team, of course I may miss some people here. Please forgive me for this. Firstly I should introduce the trainers Zeb (from Africa) and Shankar from India.
Zeb is psychologist and the other one was event manager. They both planned many games and sports where we have to build a team and work hard to achieve the target with the team. I believe most of us might have attended these kind of event some time or the other.
and I forgot to mention we have 2 guests for this training Morten and --- from Denmark.

Waiting for check in ..... Just relax guys

Event I:
Laughter Therapy:
This is a kind of Munnai bhai MBBS theory where you have to shoot somebody and say huhu... haha.... or in the way old bollywood movie villan style hahahaaha over the phone.
This was just 10 mins act to mingle crowd with each other well. This was good and had fun with the laughter guns !!!
Guys with Machine Guns :P

Gana, Don't shoot !!!

Event II:
Ball passing by making a huge circle with a distance of 1-2 feet. When the organizer asked us how many rounds we could make the ball rotate without failing to drop it once. If ball drops we have to restart the counter from '0'. We gave an estimate of 40 rounds in the beginning and we could only complete 5 I guess. Then we realized passing a ball from 25 hands is pretty difficult ;)

Highlights :
Red ball, Heavy Ball, Plastic Ball, Weird Ball, .... These are the word we shouted before we pass the ball to next person. And the blame game after the event is done as usual... Some X person dropped the ball first time and so on..... If you would not drop it we could have achieved the target. Best team to build it seems ;-)
Passing and shouting heavy ball !!! (for julie it is heavy for sure :)

Amit, this time got the catch !!! gr8

I think it is taking too long to write all the events...... I would like to put it in parts,
Please wait till next part .......
In the next part you will understand the title correctly, please bear with me till then ........

c u soon .........

Some more pics

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