Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Marriage Rollercoaster

I am facing a very big problem these days .....which I never thought it could be a problem... Marriage.
I know you are wondering.... but you need not because I guess you are also facing this issue now a days, if not don't laugh you will face this soon ;-)

When I was in college people used to ask me howz your studies, after that people worried about my job. Once I got a job they worried about my Pack. If they think it is Ok( not me) they started worried about my MARRIAGE.

Who ever meets me these days they will ask me the first this after "What's up?"..... "Shaaadi kab hai ?".

This seems that people more eager to see my marriage than me. now the big Question comes why do people bother about somebody's marriage?

Majority of the times I noticed that married people ask this question.
does that means they are jealous/envy about my enjoyment of bachelor's life ;)
and they wanted to push me to sit in the marriage roller coaster which will never stop with the 100 kmph speed once it starts?
How mean the people are ?

I would like to know your views about this problem .....

If you are also facing the same issue and you could help me out solving this
all your help would be appreciated.

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