Saturday, August 11, 2007

It is a big Question to all. everybody thinks a lot on lot of problems which they face in their day to day life. But how do we think? ofcourse using brain.... :) I mean why do we think? I recently heard these words "THINKING IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME".

Is it really a waste of time ? because we only think on lot of issues but we never address them ....

How many times a day you think?

what all do you think?

what is the out come of that thinking ?

How many times you achieved what you thought till now?

Many of us says we have to think on national problems , think about india's politics? think about cricket ?

where ..all these thinking ends up? why is this happening with us?

Even I am not an exception to this crowd ... I have given lot of statements on INDIA, CRICKET, POLITICS ...POPULATION etc..

but Still thinking about all these ...when we can't do anything about any of these things why do we think ... it is a big question mark for me still ...........

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