Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Software No.1?

Today if I ask anybody who entered software industry, most of those people tell I was a Engineer in Mechanical, Electronics, Communications, Production and some of them say IT or computers and of course some might have done Masters in computers as well.

But one question I have from long time is that …. “Why software is the first choice of all Engineering students?’

Anybody of you have any idea on this?

I could think of the below points why Software industry comes first in comparison with the other fields.

- Compensation is too high compared to any mechanical or civil job

- Five days working a week and they can enjoy the weekend of two days.

- Facilities like pick n drop

- Medical claims till 1-2 lacks for self and dependents.

What else you could think of?

Do only these things matter to people to pick software as their profession? Or they have any other reasons too?

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