Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What all you can do with a blog?

We know for sure that we can write anything we want and publish it for free.

We can share our views with the world and we can invite comments from the people who read our blog or views.

What else we can do with a Blog?

We never thought of earning money from a Blog, have you ever thought of this?

Even I was like you, I often share my ideas with the people through my personal blog but I never tried to research what I can do for earning through my blog.

But recently I read some articles where I came to know the details like we can earn through bogs, Hurray!!!!

How is it possible?

1: Add Dynamic content to your Blog

You can add lot of dynamic content to your blog by using feeds which will give you all latest information about anything you want. For Eg: if you want to share all latest information about Cricket you can add a cricket feed to your blog which will get all latest info for cricket and put it in your blog in the allocated space.

2: The Ad sense API

Google provides an API which we can manipulate and get the Ad sense to your blog. All you need to do is login to follow the easy steps by Google. For more details please go through the video and notes given. https://www.google.com/adsense/

Adsense Wiki.

3: Factors that effect in Google Ranking

Below are the important factors depends for your earnings.

- The popularity of the blog .

- How many RSS unique subscriptions there are to the blog.

- Links from blog directories.

- Number of blog directories/ search engines pinged per post.

- Relevant content in the blog, this is the key to your page rank.

- Number of views of the blog which will add value to calculate Page rank.

4: Referrals on the blog

These are very similar to ad sense but their pay out would be little more and you will be knowing the payouts before hand and you can choose the products which are very relevant to your content on the blog.

5: Other blog sites



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