Friday, June 27, 2008

Stupid Anchoring in shows!!!

Recently any program you see on Television has an anchor, whatever the program could be a musical program or a dance show or a reality show.

These anchors first of all don’t know how to speak and sometimes they don’t even know what they are speaking and how it is related to the current context.

I always get surprised, how people get time to give a call and talk to these anchors. I fell it is getting headache and paying for it through our phone bill.

The point hurt me a lot in these anchors are they ask stupid questions like what are your future plans and how are the people at home of the caller and what are the callers strengths and weaknesses. What do they do with these kind of things? Are they going to offer jobs to those people?

Another thing I wonder about the people is they call particular anchor and say that your anchoring is really cool, awesome etc. L

And even more they ask these anchors to recognize who he/she is?

Does all these people don’t have any work?

I observed many of these people are students who don’t have to study anything and the house wife who don’t have to do anything.

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