Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why is India Special?

If somebody ask what is India? And what makes it special?

What will you say about India, “The Knowledge Super Power” or “The Silicon Subcontinent” or “World’s twelfth largest economy” or “World’s fourth largest in Purchasing power” or “Incredible place to visit!!!” or “Country of people” etc.

But what makes India special?

I think all these things above makes special. There are many things there in India the other world doesn’t has.

We have a culture which has a history of hundreds of year, different languages in the same country, different weather conditions, dance styles, variety of poetries, martial arts, paintings, sculptures what not. Even though we have these many different religions and cultures, languages we are united for these many years. That makes us special.

That makes India special.

Indian economy is growing and it stood at fourth place in the world. If we compare our economy growth with the rate of our population it is really has to appreciate it.

India is getting into technology and improving the standard of living of the general public is very high than any other country I guess.

India export many more things than earlier not even to the nations backward in their economy and to the powerful nations like US and UK.

India kept trying since many years to increase the power of itself and show what it is to rest of the world and I think India is successful in doing it.

I know there are many people criticize their own country and say that we could have grown to much more than it is right now, but no one in them contribute anything for the development of the country.

India is successful though it has many burning problems like Population, corruption, politics in all sectors and infrastructure and many more.

I think this is what makes India special.

If you read some of the articles mentioned below are the real examples of the India growing.

Reference: INDIA

India: Next knowledge Superpower

India: The Silicon Subcontinent

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