Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get together of my college !!!!

This weekend was a pleasant time for me and many more people from my college.

We had a great time spending with friends whom we didn’t met from long time and some of them met after some months and some met after years too. We could share all the things happened in the mean time.

Some got married…..,

Some got promoted….,

Some came back from abroad…..,

Some are searching for new jobs….

Meeting a friend after a long time would be a great experience and moments to cherish.

And we could Bowl, Dance and Dinner together was a great experience.

And one more motto of this get together was to know more people from the same college so that new batched would get an opportunity to meet their Alumni.

I am not pretty sure up to what extent we could achieve this. But I can definitely say this was a good starting point and it would be great if we could do it every year to make this tradition and meeting people carry on further.

Finally I would like to thank my senior Sachin Gedam who was the cause for this initiative and the idea behind the Get together. Of course this was not an effort of one person I would like to thank all the people contributed directly or indirectly for the success of this event.

College: HVPM, Amravati.

Course: MCA.

Since: 1999

Get Together Location: 3D, Near Swargate, Pune.

Date: 28th June 2008.

I would like to share my web Album of GET TOGETHER.

All your comments or experiences or photos to share would be appreciated.

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