Friday, July 4, 2008

BUG ME !!!!

When I was talking to my friend yesterday he was talking about something amazing and unbelievable thing in software industry. Any guess what he was talking about?
If you are thinking that he was talking about something about artificial intelligence or something then I am sorry ........
He was talking about a BUG Free Software !!!
Can you imagine about something like this?
Have you ever seen a software like this in your career?
What if some developers develop a software which has no Bugs ?
I think this could cause a big problem to Software industry in the world.
Many Professional will lose their jobs and loss their income as most of the software engineers will be fixing the bugs and spending 80% of their time in office.
If there is no BUG there is no JOB.
I even have to talk about the QA engineers and the Testers.
So, please think over the idea of my friend and share your ideas!!!

Here are some wonderful jokes on software Bugs enjoy these jokes.

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  1. I will agree with you ravi on the bug free products. As we are serviving with bugs in IT industry.
    Its not in IT industry bugs are there every where in all the sectors..wheather its telecom, insurance,construction,finance it you will find bug there :).
    But the rate of bugs we are facing will vary between industries as enduser or business dont bugs in finance sector much.

    Also here i want to add note the much bug free component(wheather it a s/w product or a small utility) which have both usability and need will be popular. Where the company which are delivering products with these qualities are getting familiar and in profits.

    Here i want to mention about apple iphone which i used in recent time. As it has some bugs but in terms of usability it is in top. Good news here is cost also is reduced and its going to available in India


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