Saturday, July 5, 2008

Letter Writing an Art!!!

How many years back you got a letter for you?

I don’t even remember getting a letter from anyone other than bank statements, credit card bills or marriage invitations or a Rakhi from my sister.

If you do remember any other occasion that could be a letter from your beloved.

But I don’t remember any other occasion. I could remember my last letter from post is my birthday card from my family.

In my childhood my dad used to write at least 2 letters a day and in response he used to get 2 letters a day. But gradually it happened that all of my relatives took telephones every and they started talking to each other in phones, still my dad was reluctant and don’t wanted to take telephone as he believe that letter writing is an art and he said still people write letters even people start talking on phone. Even this time he was getting some letters every week.

After a year or so, this number of letters reduced dramatically as most of the people have phones at their home by this time and many relatives told my dad to buy a telephone and letter writing is no more an art and he has to agree with the fact some day.

After some years I noticed people even trying to remove their old land line connections and taking new mobile numbers as there is a telecommunication system improved in India.

Now even people don’t want to waste money on mobile phone bills. I myself want to talk to my friends on Google talk or on Skype for free as I am already paying for Internet anyway.

This has to happen someday and this is the revolution in communication industry.

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  1. Thats right Kiran earlier on there were intermittant calls from you, now its only to see your blinking Green light on Gmail to show that you are accessible! Letter writing is something most Comupter users have abandoned. Sad isn't.....people become islands in a sea of crowd!



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