Saturday, July 5, 2008

Recollect old memories of Doordarshan!!!!

If we see ads now a days got changed a lot and non sense ads are coming up. I don’t want to name the new ads which don’t make sense. But there are some ads which really touch your heart and some of them are listed below.

All these ads are very old from Doordarshan and if you see these ads you feel like you are back in those days and you can recollect the old memories with those products or ads.

Even I found some of the serials like Mogli and doordarshan’s national integrations songs “Mile sur mera tumhara” nice to see after a long time now.

All big classical singers coming together and singing this song for the nation is the significance of this song.

We remember the ads we saw in Doordarshan long time back like the ads Bajaj, Nirma, Complan and many more.

Hope you all enjoy watching these old memories of Doordarshan.

Hamara Bajaj

I Love you Rasna

Washing Powder Nirma !!


I am a Complan Boy !!

Nataraj Pencils

Chanda Ek, Suraj Ek, Taren ......Anek

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara........



  1. old memories are refreshed, nice collection!!! Keep it up….

  2. Thank you for refreshing the old memories.... Amazing days..... no computers, no cell phone.. no big cars.. no advanced technologies ... still we enjoyed a lot ....


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