Monday, July 7, 2008

Software Syndrome :(

Hey Guyz,

What’s up?

Howz life?

What are you thinking? What is this Software syndrome?

Why should I get affected with this syndrome?

How would I know that I am affected with this syndrome?

Let’s discuss about this syndrome now.

I discovered this syndrome recently. The symptoms for this syndrome are as below.

1: Are you calling somebody as “Hey Dude”? Instead of “Hi/Hello …”

2: Are you asking people “What’s up?” instead of “How are you?”

3: Are you using “Appreciate it”/ “Sounds good” in daily life?

4: Are you replying as “I will look into this”?

5: Are you frequently using the phrase “No issues” for general apologies?

6: Are you pressing 9/0 before dialing any number from your phone?

7: Are you using “Let you know” and “Get back to me” frequently?

8: Are you using “Guyz” instead of Boys?

If I miss any symptom in the above list and you think it should worth mentioning, please get back to me with your comments.

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  1. some more words to this is dear,actually,really,actually what happening is,eventually like these words


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