Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hollywood Hero in Bollywood.

When my manager Mike was in India we went for a lunch which took more than 2 hrs to have lunch. Can you imagine what could we discuss about in this team lunch?

My team is really informal because of my Manager Mike who is young, dynamic and look like a model (in my team mates view ;) ) is so cool and ready for any kind of discussion.

If you see the recent trend in Bollywood, producers are ready to keep some Hollywood actresses as hero-ins for Bollywood movies. When my mate asked him why didn’t you try modeling he said I won’t fit in the criteria of a model over there as I am less height (only 6 feet) and many more reasons like he was not interested etc.

At this point I said in India there are many heros who doesn’t even have 5.5 feet and they are doing pretty well as hero. Why don’t you settle down in India and try in Bollywood.

Then he said I am ready if somebody is ready to produce then I said why don’t you produce yourself so that you can enjoy the whole profits you are going to make as I am dam sure that the movie is going to be a block buster.

Then the Question was who is going to direct this block buster?

What would be the script?


I took the responsibility of the script, screenplay and direction.

Don’t worry, as it is very easy in India only we have to watch 5-6 new movies and mix all these movies and create your own script out of it. I even need not see any movies now as I am seeing movies from bollywood since my childhood. I even watched lot of rajanikanth’s movies too for some special effects.

I started telling him the story now, before I start my outline Mike interrupted me and said for any movie to hit most of the people should relate the Hero role with them. I really appreciate his idea, I would like to relate to the Hero.

As a software engineer I couldn’t resist myself to make my Hero a software engineer.

He said most of the people might not relate, but I said already India has more than 2 million software engineers and many students looking forward to join software industry will admire Hero.

Then he agreed for this role and the story goes as below.


Hero working as a software engineer in California silicon valley with a big MNC. Life is going smooth as usual and enjoying weekends with his girl friend. But he got a new assignment to train his team in India and sent to India for a short term trip. In this time one day suddenly bomb blasts in the silicon valley and the entire software industry is down. All the big companies have head quarters in silicon valley and they are smashed so all the companies in India too closed and all the software professionals are on the road now. The suspect for these blasts is none other than “Bin Laden”, although nobody knows whether he is alive or not ;-).

Interpol and CIA starts investigating this and the Hero in India couldn’t go back as he doesn’t have money to go back and he even don’t have anybody in US now as he lost everybody in this blast.

The situation India become worse as all the software people lost their jobs and no money to live and re pay their huge home loans and all the banks are in debt as they gave huge amounts on home loans and the real estate is down as nobody has money to buy home now and the Indian economy is down.

So begging became a good profession to take up and most of the software professionals are enjoying this profession too. And our Hero is not an exception for this, he lost his job, money and girl friend now is so sad and grown a very big beard and wandering on the roads. When he was wandering on the road he touch a saint and he get some magic power from this saint. But Hero is not aware of this power he got. The power is whenever he touch somebody he can see his/her flash back like a movie. After getting this power he started getting the affect first time when somebody was giving him food when he was begging and he touches his hand. But he ignores it and thinks this is something his myth.

But when it happens many times he realizes his power. When he touch one person he see something curious and wanted to know the details about the mafia don India and he starts investigating the issue and ultimately he figures out the villains and go to Arabia to catch laden and the bad guys and at the end he could catch hold of Laden and submit him to cops and get all the money and gold reserve laden has and re establish in software industry in India and India will be the capital of software then onwards. And everybody lived happily ever after.

Cast and Crew as given below.

Hero & Producer : Michael

Screenplay, Dialogs & Direction : RaviKiran

Dance, Stunts, Comedy, Makeup,…….. : B2B Tech Team.

Hope this story entertained you as expected.

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  1. haha Ravi really interesting story will be a block bluster.


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