Monday, August 4, 2008

Fortune Cookie

I heard recently a truth. "No one believes forecast and every one wants to hear them !!!"

On this point I also agree but not always. There are many people out there who look at the fortune column of their news paper every day. I was one of them for many years. I am not saying now I won't look at it, but not that ofter {the real reason is I stopped buying a news paper daily :-}.

Anyways, when I was in school not in basic high school I used to see a person sitting with a parrot in a cage and lot of cards in front of the cage. I used to see every day that people come to that fellow and pay some money so that the Parrot to pick a card from the stack and whatever written in that card would be his fortune. This is know as Parrot Fortune and the rural public of India particularly in southern parts are very much into it.

When I was in college I know that there are many softwares reveal a lot about you and your nature when you give inputs like name, DOB, place of birth etc. It even generates your "Chakra" based on the inputs etc, we used to spend lot of time on these time waste software. I don't even remember the name of the software now.

I was crazy to read the news paper "Ganesha Says" column in TOI when I came to Pune as a fresher to search a job and we used to super impose those comments on all our friends if anything wrong on anybody fortune. I used to make fun of the guys who believe this but I used to read it every day. even I used to read it for mine and think it would happen if anything positive written.

I know that movie stars even believe in Numerology than the astrology. I read this kind of stuff in Page 3 of TOI. I heard that kareena renamed her name with kkareena just to add one more letter as her numerologist suggested it, and many more people renamed their name accordingly.

There are many sites like rediff, yahoo, sify, indiatimes all these sites provide fortune of the day straight to your inbox if you get registered. I know many of my friends subscribe for this.
Now people become more busy and don't have time to read his daily fortune in a paper or even in an Email. So the sites like Orkut providing the fortune of the day in one line. I even read the fortune of the day every day in Orkut nowadays. I believe most of my friends do that too.

I love orkut's way of telling fortune. I would love to give some examples
"You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly"
"Your principles mean more to you than any money or success"
"You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment"
"The time is right to make new friends"
"You are very expressive and positive in words, act and feeling"

I don't think any one of these is a fortune of the day. Do you think so?
They might have written thousands of one liners and they show it randomly. we all know this but want to read it and enjoy.

I thought this kind of people are there only in India. but when I went to US I realized that the thoughts of human beings are same despite of geographical location in the world.
When I went to Panda Express somebody told me here you will get fortune cookies. I was curious about these cookies as I never had a fortune cookie. I thought if I eat that cookie I will get fortune in return. but I came to know that there will be a slip inside the cookie which will reveal a statement something like above mentioned lines. and the sales for these cookies are very huge every day, this is a old Chinese custom to keep these fortune lines I think this is a marketing trick to sale the cookies.

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