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Hostel Days (Part V)

B-Batch & "1-2-ka-4"

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When the days were going cool and I started learning Hindi and Marathi. One day we came to know that the MCA seats in the University are getting increased and there will be second part of admissions in the second batch. University granted 30 more seats to our college. We all were so excited to see the new batch guys as we were expecting some good looking girls, frankly speaking.

Anyways, the new batch came and joined. Some people here are old friends of some guys in hostel like Gaju and Psycho. They all belong to same town called Buldhana in Maharastra.
I am not going to introduce all the new batch as I am more friendly to the people in Hostel.

We found new diamonds of the class and hostel, The new batch hostelers featured as below.

Prashant Kolte (Prashya, Kolte, etc)
Mahesh Kulkarni (C.D)
Ankush Athale (Butrya, Ankya, ....)
Pankaj Hingnekar(baaga)
Ratnesh Dubey (dubey)

Brief Intro
Prashya: First thing you notice in him is height and he is thin too. always with a trimmed mustache and big thinker, I was never sure what he was thinking all the time.
C.D: This witty guy is short and with mustache and very keen about his hair style all the time.
This guy always make fun of others and of course was the target for other to attack on. You have to hear his English and too good in Hindi as well.
Ankya: The first thing you will notice that he is the shortest. He is the most talented guy in the lot. He was our one man practical guide. (I mean we all used to copy his practicals).
Baaga: He is the person with the equal composition of height and weight. He is in little dark complexion. I didn't spent much time with him as he left our college so early as he joined Fire Engineering in Nagpur.
Dubey: He is a little bit complex man to understand as per my understanding in a little time. He also left hostel after 1st semester I think. So we were only interacted in the college after that.

When these guys joined hostel we were lack of rooms and got more admissions. After discussing with our warden they got arranged some extra rooms in the Naturopathy and Ankya,baaga and dubey used to stay there only. and I had to adjust with my Seniors Anil and Rahul.

After these guys admission our hostel became more happening than before and daily we used to share and discuss many more things than earlier.
And we used to play cards for hours in the rainy season because most of the people are not interested to go to classes in that wet and cold weather. I learned lot of different games in Cards there like Rummy, Show, not at home, memory and many more.
We started watching movies every Sunday. In this part Me and Psycho are partners as we were ready to see any kind of movies like Govinda, Mithun, Sunny or any new comer movie, for which most of the people were not ready to watch.

I have to share a memory here when we are discussing about movies, The ragging phase was over and we are now very close to our seniors almost like classmates. That was the time Shahrukh Khan is in reaching to No1 position and the movie "one two ka four" got released. All our hostel people decided to watch that movie on saturday night.
We decided to go for a 9-12 show. Officially we are suppose to be inside the hostel @ 10 PM (but every hostel has some other way to get inside. )
When we reached to theater I think it is "Priya Theater" there was a huge crowd and we got into charge as soon as we can and occupied the queue and hopefully we would get the tickets after looking at the people were less compared to the people at back in Q.
we got the tickets and went in side the theater as there was no numbering system we have to occupy the seats in one row and we are almost 15 people. It seemed very difficult when the crowd started increasing. we moved towards the door and the passage was not too large and the crowed started becoming crazy and the space between person to person started reducing. In India we are used to for these kinds of crowed every where like local trains, ration shops, for municipal water ..... and list goes on.
We have a big crowed over there, somebody started playing a game in that crowed. I think that guy must be from my hostel only. Somebody hit a slap on the head at the person standing before him from back. This game went on good for some time and somebody outside our group started taking advantage and started playing game with us. In this one of my friend hit somebody who is unknown to us and that person suddenly retarded violently. Our body builder senior Anil gave slap to him unknowingly and he started calling all his friends and our friend also called all our friends and there was a small stunt went for couple of minutes and the door of theater got opened fortunately. We went in and got seats too the biggest loss happened to me that my "Cheppal" was torn and I had to walk on one single cheppal.

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  1. Thxs buddy!!
    putting us back in past.......
    Really that was the time where we lived the life and everything helped us..


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