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Hostel days (Part III)

Ragging is Injurious to health?

I think you already read the old post Hostel Days II.Please read it to get linked.

Here starts my Journey for three year MCA. I can't really write all the memories I have as some of them are sweet and some of them are sour. But I would really try to write most memorable moments of these three years.
I really has to start with good ones as it fells better if you talk about anything good. As I told you before that I was a Hindi learner at the time of my joining. I couldn't speak anything once we reach the hostel after the classes. Would you believe it I was staring at all my friends when they spoke to each other for first few months instead of talking to them?
I was deeply observing these people when they speak and each word and how to pronounce this in the slang and all. But of course after some months people were listening to me as they were not getting any chance to speak and they thought this guy was watching us these many months and now he is taking revenge for keeping him silent for these days.

I never bothered about their feelings anyway, when we are talking about the Hostel I would like to introduce the great characters of our Hostel before I start.......hmmm.....where should I start.

When I joined Hostel these are the Personalities already opted for hostel in my class.

Santosh Menon (Unni)
Nitin Meshram (Nitya)
Sachin Vaidya (Baid)
Gajendra Gaikwad (Gaju, Gaju kukka, so on)
Vaibhav Thakre (Daw.... don't ask me the meaning)
Lokesh Nagrale (Lokya) and last but not least ...
Sandip Mante (Psycho)

I understand in few days that this guy Unni has good relationships with some of my seniors as they were classmates in the B.Sc in Nagpur, he is always making fun of others.
Then the guy Nitya is also having some other senior friends from childhood as they all belong to same town called Gondia.He is a smart and intelligent guy and always boasting about that. coming to Baid he is the nephew of our course coordinator and a calm guy with little patience. Gaju is a typical person who always expect friends has to do everything for him and in return should not expect anything. Daw is almost a invisible member of the hostel as his Aunt stayed in the same town and he visited there often. Lokya the first thing you notice is his size and and his tummy.
Psycho(unfortunately my room mate for 4 years even after leaving hostel) is a man needs a big introduction, he is from a small village and he would be the second software engineer from this village. So you can think his popularity in his village and why he is popular as Psycho? This Q is difficult to answer but I would like to tell some facts about this person. He love the songs of Saajan, Sadak, and many old Midhun movies which you might not heard of ... and he sings them and he listens them like anything.

I think you could recognize some of the above mentioned figures in below image.
The ragging was going on...seniors usually mention the person who has to come to their room and place after Dinner every day once they are done with this person they will send the next person details with this first guy.
This is how they used to take one by one.
My First Day of Raging: I went in and by the time I went in I know most of my senior's names. But I was little confused and of course little tense as well. We have to by heart our introduction which is mandatory for all juniors. Seniors used give a format of Introduction, which they got from their seniors I think. but as soon as we enter their room we have to give this introduction. Don't ask what all was there in that format....
Once I entered the room I could see that there are three cots attached to the three walls except the wall of the door. There was only one chair just after 2 feet inside the room from the entrance and all the cots were occupied by Seniors. I could see all of their faces. I think Anil/Sachin told me that do we need to switch the button to start the "Intro"(this is how they used to Pronounce Introduction)?
I came back to my senses and started my Intro. I don't think they are satisfied with my Intro I could see that in their faces. But I was standing like a statue. I heard some voice in my favor said "Sit". felt relaxed and sat in that chair. Then they started the conversation in Hindi which I couldn't understand much. I think Swapnil said, what the heck we enjoy ragging in Hindi and this fellow don't understand it. Shall we give him first assignment to learn Hindi and submit the assignment tomorrow? Everybody laughed at this statement and I couldn't understand completely but I also had to smile in response. They asked me different kind of Q like where I am from and what is the specialty of my place Rajamundry in coastal Andhra Pradesh. for my surprise 2nd Q was not at all related to first they asked me to write a program for sorting the list of numbers in an array, I couldn't write this program in c++ which I know but due to pressure of 15 people observing me and each letter I write. After few minutes they took this paper and said Ok then they asked me to tell the numbers 1-25 numbers with out any stop. I completed this task very easily but as soon as I completed this I think Rajesh told me to say these numbers in reverse from 25-1 with out stop :( which I had to giveup after 5 numbers.
It went on to my graduation college and about my girl friends, hobbies like Drinking, smoking etc and many more Q for next 40 minutes.
at the end Sachin said the assignment is always the Q you were unable to answer.
Warning: Don't try to fool us we always note all the Q you didn't answer.
Of course the important and expected Q came out at the end when I was about to leave the room. that was "Can you tell all our names from that corner?" as expected I forgot some guys name this also added to my Assignment list too.
But when I came out I felt Ok nothing like they have done anything cruel or something. I felt this healthy ragging is good and it would improve our skills and confidence level.

I think if the ragging in it's limits it would improve the relationship between the new comers and the seniors. I am very lucky to have the seniors like this and had a healthy ragging in my college.

Hostel Days III, Hostel Days IV, ....

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