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Hostel Days(Part II)

Hope you read the Part I and continuing with Part II, If not please visit My journey to MCA-Part I.

August 2000, HVPM,

The day I joined was too late to visit the college, So I stayed at the Hotel or Lodge near to railway station I guess the name of the lodge was Rukmini. Anyways this was not super cool lodge I had to fight even for the hot water to take bath in the morning. I had a quick shower though I couldn't get the hot water, I left Lodge in search of the college with the name HVPM. I don't know anything other than the name and people at the University told me that this college is so famous and if you ask anybody they will take you there. I asked one person who looked decent to me compared to the other people with a good shirt and a shirt in, but he gave me a blank look and said I never heard of this college. I was surprised by his look and words as I didn't expect this becoz of the its boasted popularity of that college.
The another gentleman told me that you have to ask this college by the name "Akhada" instead of HVPM or DCPE. I was even don't know the meaning of this word at that time and I just started learning Hindi at that time.

Finally I reached the college by taking two right turns from Rajkamal Chowk first at Gandhi Chowk and second after Amba Devi temple. I saw the big gate of Akhada so called DCPE.
As soon as I entered the gate I could see a STD booth and small kids playing basket ball and I thought oh .... basket ball court in the college which we usually won't find in the colleges.when I was crossing this court I looked for somebody whom I could as where is the Computer department and I found a tall thin man coming towards me I hesitated first to start the conversation as I am not fluent in English and doesn't know Hindi. But I am left with no option and I asked him simply "Where is Computer Dept?". He gave a glance at me and asked me why do I need computer department? I was little puzzled why did fellow asking me like this but I have to tell him that I joined this College in MCA course and I have the receipt of of admission from the University. He guided me how to reach DCST( Dept of Computer Science and Technology). I reached the place and went to the first floor as I could see only empty class rooms in the ground floor. There I saw the smiling face of the Clerk (Sabnis Sir) whom I met at the time of admission in Uni. I gave him the receipt of admission, he took all my personal details like permanent address, telephone no of my home etc and asked me a Q puzzled me for a min,"Are you going to join Hostel?". I was still thinking and he interrupted me saying check it out first and then you can decide. I felt that was a good option. He guided me how to reach the hostel and ask for MCA block in it and there would be all other MCA guys too.

I took the same path suggested by Sabnis and reached a build with the name "Raghunath Rao Khaniwale Hostel". I felt good when I read this line as my Dad's name is Raghunath. I figured out the MCA block and reached there but the look and feel of this place is not too good and clean. what else you can expect from a Boyz Hostel ?
I knocked the door of one room as all other rooms are locked. I saw the person to whom I asked where is the computer dept? then I realized why this guy was asking why do I need MCA Dept then. He asked my name and he introduced I am Anil and he introduced another guy Sachin and Rajesh. I thought they are all my class mates then Rajesh told me that they are my seniors.
I was little bit confused what to do, they said don't worry and relax as they are not going to rag me that time. I felt OK after this statement and they suggested me to opt Hostel as already 7-8 people joined hostel and it will also help me learning Hindi and Marathi quickly as I will be spending most of my time with all these people.
I left hostel and reached and I thought I will be joining this hostel as I am not left with any other option, I already came with my luggage and no time to search any room outside. This is a easy option where I can simply bring my luggage and I am done.
My thoughts ended once I reached back to the department and met Sabnis. I decided to join Hostel and paid the money for hostel and got the receipt he told me to get my luggage and join the hostel anytime. He allocated a room to me and asked me to inform the hostel warden (Ramteke Sir) the next day about my joining.
I went back to Hostel to inform my seniors about my joining in Hostel. They conveyed me their wishes and told me a information that all my class is on a common bunk and I am not suppose to attend the classes for next one week. As my admission was a month late I was in waiting list because of my result of (Andhra University) was not out when I was suppose to join in the first time admissions were on. So I was kept in waiting list 1. Anyhow I have to do a time pass for a week now, I have to go to Nagpur for this week as my home is too far 1200 KM from this place.
Here I started my Golden Hostel days .............
Keep watching for next ...

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