Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hostel Days (Part 1)

My Journey to M.C.A
(Master of Computer Applications OR Misuse Computers Always)
Let me introduce myself first "RaviKiran Perumalla" from Andra Pradesh a state in south India.. a belong to a town turned into a City called Rajamundry. I did my graduation in from there. In those days I was planning to do CA (Charted Accountant) in those days as...But of course I ended up doing MCA as my parents and myself was not confident enough to complete the toughest course of CA. My family knows about my hard work for studies very well, now even my hostel mates know about that too.

Now when my family decided that MCA is the best course for me, they sent me for a short term coaching for the entrance exam. Even I didn't had any issues with the MCA as my cousin working for an MNC at that time for good Package told me that Software will be a leading industry in India soon..... which would give you potential career growth in future :)

As usual I did enjoyed the training period of 30 days in Viajayawada with my family friend Ravi Sankar and his friend cousins Atchiraju & Ram Raju. These training days flied by and the Exam day came and I was not ready for the exam as expected and got a rank in four figure (XXXX). Which intern tells me that I will not get a seat with this rank as I belong to O.C (Outlandish Cast).

Then I am left with no option than wasting one year at this point then I came to know about the University of Nagpur and Amravati University as my friend Ravi sankar's brother Phani Ram has joined there a year before. He sent both of us the applications and we landed in Nagpur and I got admission somehow though it is a little story ....Lets skip it for time being and I got the admission in Amravati University and joined a college called "DCPE" in the course MCA. This college is organized by a body called "HVPM".

Please don't laugh if I say DCPE means Degree College of Physical Education and HVPM stands for Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal. This college has a history of almost a century founded in 1914 to train the Indian activists for physical fitness who are fighting against the British govt run by England who ruled India for around 150 years.

Once I took the admission in the University Campus I roamed around the campus and pretty impressed with this campus and I was very curious to see my college campus which is 15 KM away from the University.It was already evening so I couldn't go to the college that day...and decided to visit next morning.

From this visit My life's 3 yrs was the Golden days I spent in that campus.....
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