Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hostel Days(Part IV)

Language Problem

Previous Parts - Part I, Part II, Part III and here we go forward ....

Here I am going to take the opportunity to tell you more about my Hostel. As I told you earlier I was learning Hindi at that time in Hostel and I usually getting assignments on hindi as I has to learn hindi asap. My senior Sachin Gedam usually training me in this with a trick the trick was giving training in Abuses in Hindi and Marathi with some example sentences. These things would generate enthu in me and I would love to practice them on my roommates. Even they were enjoying when I was abusing them as my accent was very different and interesting as per their comments.

I would like to share one weird experience in my early days of college. Though I started learning Hindi and Marathi I was not able to read Marathi that time.
It was already 4:00PM and I have to attend the last lecture of the day. When I returned from library benches are filled and I was somehow managed to get a seat in the last bench. The lecture was of Ramteke sir and the subject I guess is Simulation and Modeling but not sure now. somebody wrote a "Shayari" of course it was a non veg share on a paper and passed it to the next person. This rotation was going on through out the lecture and at the end it reached me and I tried to read that. But I was unable to read it as I don't know how to read and the class was almost empty as the lecture was completed.

There was a lady scavenger waiting out side to clean the class room entered and saw that I was putting that paper inside the desk. She went there and pick that paper and read it for my misfortune. I went out and talking to my hostel friends, she came out and started shouting at me. I didn't understand that too. She went up to our course coordinator and told him about this "Shayari".
By this time my hostel friends told that she is scolding me as they guess that this could be because of the shayari. I said I didn't even understand that. They said if Sir ask you about this tell him that I don't know anything about it and don't reveal any name. It was almost like a warning. I went up as our office boy came to us and that lady was standing at first floor pointing me from there to him to bring me there.
I had to go up and meet Deshpande sir and he started scolding me in Marathi which I couldn't understand at all. After he completed his version I simply told him I don't understand Hindi and Marathi well. He suspected me and asked Sabnis for the clarification of my admission. He clarified that I don't know Hindi too as my admission was on "Other State" category and I already spoke to Sabnis many times from admission to Hostel joining.
After clarification of Sabnis I told him that I am not at all aware of that I found it in desk and tried to read but couldn't understand so I kept it there only.
He said Ok but I will not spare if this repeats in a regular teacher voice. I was not too much tense about his warning like a regular student.

After coming out my hostel friends asked me whether I revealed any name. but I said no and all were happy and we all went for a evening tea in a relaxing mood.

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