Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life Security in India a Joke?

Is human life in India a Joke?

These are the list of bomb blasts since 2005 in India I could remember.
July-2006 - The serial blasts in Mumbai in local train.
Dec-2005 - Professor killed in IISC campus in Bangalore (IT hub of India)
Aug - 2007 - 5 serial blasts in Hyderabad
May-2008 - Blasts in Jaipur caused 60 deaths

Yesterday - July - 2008 - Serial Blasts in Bangalore killed 6
Today - July - 2008 - 6 serial Blasts in Ahmadabad

Hi, be prepared now,
are you in India? and going in a Bus or train ?
or in a park playing with your kids?
or eating a spicy chat with your friends and sharing thoughts ?
or watching a movie in the theater?
Now you must be prepared for a bomb blast anytime around you.
Do you have special bomb proof jacket with you ?

Yesterday when I was fixing a production bug, somebody told me that Hey, do you know there were 7 serial bomb blasts in B'lore? I was worried and stopped my work and opened a new browser and opened to see the news highlights. I quickly read the article by opening the first link and realized that all the blasts were low intensity and only 2 people killed and all the area names blasts happened where no friends or relatives of mine stay. huh....I gave a relaxing sigh and went back to my bug fixing in PROD as I have to fix it as soon as possible. I have no time to call my friend or relative in Bangalore to ask if they are safe.

Today I came to know that there are serial blasts in Ahmadabad. what could I do? I just read the article in the same felt sad for couple of minutes and started writing this article because as a busy software engineer what else you could expect from me?

When there was a blast of WTO in US they made a super big issue as they lost 3000 lives in their history because of Terrorism and they declared a war against the Terrorism and ruined Iraq like anything for Bin Laden but we(Indians) are now very used to for the bomb blasts of these bloody terrorists.

Why don't Indian government do something like this and declare a war against internal terrorism at least? we don't do this because we boast about the World Peace all the time which is a way to support the inefficient politics in India. What the heck the politicians in India are doing? Do they really feel for the people and the lives of the people? I don't think so they must be thinking that this is a best way to reduce the population of India as most of them are illiterates or not completed their X standard. They can't think more than this.

As India is blowing like this the Indian national government itself has to prove their strength in parliament a day before Hon.President. This situation is caused because of the Nuclear-Deal by America for Nuclear weapon production and testing for which Left parties were in opposition.
So, this is what is the status of India today. Now what would I say, we need Nuclear power to destroy the terrorism in India? Is this the most important thing to deal with despite of these terror threats through out the country today.

What these bloody politicians does? They visited the victims and distributed fruits, granted 20K for the people lost their lives and 10K for the injured. They put a Inquiry commission on this issue and hands it over to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and they are done.
This commission will take some long years to find the by the time people almost forget about the blast itself.

The Indians are really great in this regard, they forget the things very quickly. Usually I know they forget the promises by politicians while campaigning for votes. But even they forget the bomb blasts in which they have lost their relatives, friends? I am realizing now.

Americans remember Sep 11 every year and lit up candles for those who lost their lives on that incident of terror. but in India we don't even remember the dates and years of these incidents as we do have a lot. If we start lighting up candles we might need millions of candles too.

Where is the security for Life of human beings? Can we call it the failure of the government and the intelligence burgeau which couldn't figure out before they get blast? whatever is the reason in each blast many innocent lives are gone.
Why is it happening with India? I have no clue as of now..... is it happening in India only or any other country in the world?
If you have any thing to share in this regard please do.....

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