Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hostel Days (Part X)

Party Time ?

If you were a hosteler any time in your life you must be aware that how a party could be organized in a boyz hostel. If you are not a boy or never spent time in a hostel then you defenitely missed some golden moments in your life. but you need not worry because here I am sharing some golden moments of mine for you.........

May be our parties were different, because our parties were basically economy parties. I mean we were not having much money to go to big hotels and drink and dine there. In other words even we don't have Credit cards at that time. So we had to celebrate all our good times at hostel only. we used to drink, dance, dine and do whatever we want in hostel itself. So, this was a difficult task to do in hostel because for this we have to do lot of arrangements for each party.
We had fixed people to work on each task, I mean we used to divide our work among hostlers.
If we are having drinks we must have chicken and other stuff. I used to be in the shopping category because it is better to roam around in the evening and the only problem with this is to manage the finance. Most of the time people won't give their share of money on time and we have to invest for them. But of course for the enjoyment of the party we used to do this risk.

Me, Prashant, Unni were usually the team used to go for purchasing of the required items like .... "Drinks(Cold & Hot),Snacks(Veg & Non-Veg), Food Ingredients (Veg & Non-Veg), Cigarettes,..." list goes on. We used to leave in the evening at 5-6 O clock for all these items. We used to start from college with twi sacks and 2 big carry bags near Priya Theater there was our regular shop for drinks and always we used to bring some gift items from this shop like glasses, openers, lighters etc on each purchase. Once this is done one sack is full and then we used to move towards Mandi for fresh Chicken and one used to stay there for this, and other people would move for vegitables and masala items and oil. Once all these ingradients are purchased me and Prashant used to buy some fruits like "Grapes, Apple or any depends on season" and eat on the way back to the hostel (Most of the people in the hostel doesn't know about this fact ;).
While we were doing this, @ hostel there needs to be somebody who has to do some preperations like collecting plates, Rotis & Rice from Hostel (Regular people for this task were Lokya, Baid and Gaju) as these people were not interested to roam around and want to be at hostel and Nitin used to help these people whenever these people stuck while bringing rotis and Rice from Mess as they are huge in number for 15 people and Mess incharge used to object this.
Once we are back the process of cutting the vegitables ( Mante, CD, ) used to start and the popular cooks from our batch Ankush, Prashant seniors Sachin Gedam, Anil Doye used to start their process of making masala etc. and once the basic things are prepared we would make a big circle by sitting next to each other and keep all the stuff at the center. Here we should remember lokya's performance as he used to finish the drink as bottoms up and start eating snacks and shouting at other people to finish their drink early, one more point here for lokya after 2 rounds used to go and sleep instead of sitting and enjoying the party.
There are some more points to mention after party is over, those you can call party blues too. somebody has to clean the rooms and dispose the waste and clean the utensils etc. but I am sorry to say that I never involved in these activities unless there is no option.
Like this the party used to go on and on .....

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