Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hostel Days (Part IX)

Happy Birth Day to you !!!

How do you celebrate your Birth day?
You might buy a new dress and celebrate with distribute sweets or chocolates on the day.
Ok, If you have to celebrate any of your friend's Birth day then how will you do it?
If you would have studied in any hostel then you could guess about the bumps. Yes, you are right... I am talking about those B'day bumps. These are the first time you would regret why I am getting older every year, coz you have to get 1 more bump extra for each year you grow.
But in our hostel there was something more than B'day bumps. We used to celebrate the birthday's at night. I mean at 12:00 AM as soon as the day starts we used to make the room dark and lit up a candle and a Birth day cake we used to bring with his famous pet name written on it. and ofcourse most of the time we used to wake up all the hostellers for this celebration. Some defaulters in the sleep for birthdays were Lokesh and Me (Pera). I was having a habit of sleeping at 10 PM those days, anyways this cake we are supposed to finish on the same night. usally there was no chance of keeping it till next morning as the cake we used to bring was not too big to remain till nex morning. Ofcourse after cake cutting only we used to give bumps to the b'day boy. as soon as he cuts the cake the first thing we would realise is Mr. Sachin Gedam was standing behind him with a strong and much painful opening shopt of this bumps ceremony. The second hard thing to resist was of Anil Doye. He is also an expert in hitting sixes in midnight and candle light.

In first year we celebrated these birthdays very promptly and not only celebrating birthdays we used to dance a lot on these occassions by switching on our old model music system. This was the reason we started a new tradition of giving a new music album casette as a gift to the b'day boy. This way the gift would be useful to all and the contribution is also from all, what say ?
So we used to play the new album that night and used to dance on any fast number of this album. One day I am not sure whose birth day was this, but we were dancing like anything and some M.P.Ed. as I told you our's was a PG hostel and there were some M.P.Ed students staying in same hostel. Some guy came to our room and started hitting the basket ball on our room's wall. This guy was over 6 feet and huge built as all M.P,Ed guys were fit and healthy due to their regular excersize uslike MCA guys. Some of us discussed with them and we subsided the issue.
Then after that issue we started playing the new album the next day morning or in the evening time and reduced the dancing part of it too as it was disturbing for other at that time of night.
I miss all these days for sure...... but here are my memories in the picture format.
here you go ......

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