Monday, September 1, 2008

Hostel Days (Part VIII)

Ganpati Bappa Morya !!! Previous Parts

From last few days you might be getting groups of people to your house for money (Chanda) for Ganpati Pandals. I could see on each and every corner of Pune with small or big Ganpati Pandal. This reminded me my hostel days again. We used to celebrate this Ganpati in our hostel too.
Can you imagine a Ganpati Puja in bachelor's hostel?
I can understand your feeling, but we were the most sincere devotees even Ganpati bappa got.
don't think that I am boasting. Though I was the one waiting for Prasad every day after Arti.
Most of our lot were good enough devotees.
The regular way we do celebrate the Ganpati puja early in the morning. and we used to sing Arti every morning and evening too. but the rule for Arti was we have to share the 1 Kilo of Sweet every day for Prashad.
There was a un written rule that we have to bring daily a different variety of Sweet for the whole 9 days. We used to decorate our small pandal rather we can call it as small stage with as much decorative possible for us in the "budget".
So, for our 9 day time pass the whole day was "Taash" (Playing Cards). We used to play the cards days together in this season. you might be thinking we were playing only for timepass if yes, you are mistaken we used to play for money of course very little money rather in form of tea or Snacks.
Do you know any game in cards in which more than 15 players can play?
I would like to introduce the game called "Show" to you hear. which is a tricky game with only 5 cards in each persons hand and you have to reduce the total count of the cards in your hand. The tricky part of this game is taking risk. Why and how you have to take risk is when ever you feel that I must be the one with the less score of total cards in all the people and you have to show the cards to all. If everybody has more score than you you win, and each individual has to multiply his score with 10 and those many points he lost. But, If somebody has less count than you showup his cards you will be in soup, you have to multiply the count you showed with 10 and everybody else wille get big "0". That means you will be the only sufferer in this case. So, you must be very sure when you are showing.
So, in this game we had some experts like Nitya, Who won almost all the times. The bet was always like Tea, Snax (Samosa in the evening, Geele wade in the morning). If we were playing this game in night who ever looses the game has to sponser the morning break fast at Amba Gate geele wade special shop.
The looser was not always alone. We used to keep points like 500, who ever crosses first this limit will be the looser. But at a time usually 2-3 people would be crossing this limit. If this doesn't happen we used continue the game till 2nd and 3rd person get into this mark.
Those days were really awesome and we all sit together in a Hall like a round table conference but here we used to play cards.
Here I have to mention some names who never played this game due to fear of loosing. But, they did enjoyed the snax and breakfast. So after many times we realized that these people are enjoying these things freely with out taking the risk of Show.
We mandated them to treat the whole group with one day snax and this was a real pleasure for me as well as Nitya. we had 2 plates of Geele wade on that day I guess ;).
Should I reveal those names now? Those great figures were Lokya and Parse.
If I had missing anything guyz, please add in your comments.

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