Thursday, August 21, 2008

I made it !!!

First in the search result

Here I would like to share my success of getting my blog as the first result in the google search.
You must be thinking what is so great in this. most of the websites would be getting returned on the first place. There could be, but for me it is great achievement with in 45 days span.
If you are promoting your blog and you could achieve this in this short span and already got 100 organic hits on your blog with in this short span is a big thing for me. When I started blogging it just was a time pass. and now when I started this many people keep asking me, there are no updates to your blog this week? this makes me happy that people are keep watching my blog and started reading them and liking them which is more important. So I started a regular blogging in past 2 months.
I am working for a Internet company and I know many things we can do using internet where as many software engineers don't know that. If you are aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you will defenitely make these blogs very easily popular and reach many users to your blog. Definitely everybody want to popularize their blogs and putting efforts for the same.
But I feel the content is the key for this and you have to keep putting content in your blog rather than following all other techniques. and I am following the same here.
Anyways I am happy that other than my name if I search something else still my blog appears on the first place of course not for all key words. whatever the content relevant in the blog would defenitely making the difference :)
Thanks a lot for all you ......regular visitors of my blog ....... who helped me achieving this result in short time.

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