Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hostel Days ( Part VII)

Dil Chahta Hai ?

One evening me and my dearest motya (Lokesh/Lokya) were sitting at outdoor stadium in the evening. we sat there for an hour and felt bore and started talking about the next plan of the day.
I said I have to go for a hair cut. Then suddenly the topic moved to fashion and he suggested me to cut the hair like the Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta hai. He said Aamir look so cool in that new hair style and I will also look good. I said if you think so you do that hair cut. Then he thought for a moment and said I would really like to go for that kind of hair cut.
I smiled at him and he said I am sure I am really going to do it. I said O.K let's go right now as anyways I need a hair cut. He said Ok come lets go now. We went to the standard saloon where we usually go and the Kaka welcomed us with a smile and I showed Lokya to him and said "This guy need a Dil Chahta hai cut" would you be able to do that cut? He said I am expert in that kind of cut. We used to call this as summer cut for kids, now it became famous as Aamir Khan did this in Dil Chahta hai. We both shared a laugh and Lokya sat in the chair and Kaka started his work.
After 15 mins I had a look inside while I was waiting out side for my turn and noticed that lokya looking good in that style.
I was impressed and I told Kaka to cut my hair also in the same way. Lokya waited out for me for next 20 mins and we both looked each other and gave a smile. we went back to hostel and as soon as we entered the room somebody screamed saying that "Hey Guyz come and see Pera(Me) and Lokya" with in few seconds all hostelers gathered in my room and laughed like anything. Everybody gave their comments on both of us and the last conclusion was everybody liked our hair cut. Then suddenly I got a flash idea and told it would be great if everybody make this hair style in hostel and we go to college all together.
This idea really went really well and we got 2 more members Mante and I think Nitya :)
fortunately the next day was sunday and we need not go to college. The next day morning we both took the next two enthusiastics to the saloon and trimmed their hair styles. Now we are four started campaigning as we don't want to remain as only four by monday.
We want to make a sensation in the college on monday with all hostelers with a Dil chahta hai hairstyle. By evening we got most of the team in and took everybody to the saloon and the fun part is that we bar gained with Kaka that we bring 6 more people and we want a discount on each cut. I know that you might not believe that, but this is the truth and we even got some out siders also in our band on sunday evening.
Below photo is the memory of this event and anyways I will not forget those happy moments.

Here I would like to introduce some more personalities to you in the below photograph. These
people are from not hostel but very close to the hostel and hostelers, starting with center of attraction and the solid physic is Shrihari Kinkar well known as Harry and Harya. and the standing line's center thin guy is Yogesh Sushir but nobody knows if you ask for this name but if you ask for Basheer everybody will point this fellow and last but not least super personality is Mahesh Cheregaonkar (kaafi lamba naam hai na) but no need to remember this much big name just call Cheresh.
I think I missed one more important hosteler who was not introduced earlier is, in the standing line right most corner is south super hero Jagan Mohan Reddy known as Jaggu.
So, This was the day of Dil Chahta hai .............
A sweet memory of my hostel days :)

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