Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15 Aug - Independence Day

Indian Independence Day !!!

We are going to enter into 61 st year of Independence. How are you going to celebrate this day?
Are you happy to celebrate this day? or afraid of celebrating this day, because this could be the day the terrorists target the India to destroy? and there could be a bomb anywhere near to you.
Even if you don't care about these things would you tell me the answers to the below Questions.
What are the reasons you want to celebrate this day?
What are the five things you think India gained progress in these 61 years of Independence?
What all things you still want to purge from India?
What things you could address as an individual to the country?

These are the simple questions I would like to ask every citizen of India. If you ask me these same questions I would like to say the answers as below
Yes I wanted to celebrate this day particularly this year as India's growth is tremendous since independence in lot of sectors like Agriculture, Medical Products, Information Technology, Communications exports.
After all I would give you the best example for celebrating my independence day -

"When we were young kids growing up in America, we were
Told to eat our vegetables at dinner and not leave them.
Mothers said, think of the starving children in India
And finish the dinner.'

And now I tell my children:
'Finish your homework. Think of the children in India
Who would make you starve, if you don't.'?"
Thomas L. Friedman
NY Times Columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner

I think now I need not give you any more explanation about the celebration of my day of Independence.

Jai Hind !!!!.

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