Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrate National Sports Day of India?

Yesterday 29th August was the National Sports Day of India. I hope most of the Indians don't know this. Even I was not aware of this till yesterday, when I was browsing some news sites and saw a news about this sports day of India. I smirked after I saw this news for a moment, and thought for a minute do we need a sports day as such. I mean it. Do you think we need a sports day and a Sports Authority etc. What all we achieved till now on the name of sports?
What all sports we do participate in any world recognized events. Cricket is the first word we could hear, we got a world cup 1983 driven by Kapil Dev, after that in recent past we got a 20-20 world cup. But what we lack in cricket is consistency. We never consider any match with anybody for a Win or Loss against whether the opponent is Bangladesh/Scotland or Kiwis/Aussies. I believe the sports day is not only about Cricket for sure. Leave Cricket behind, what else we have to show on our board?
Pace, Bhupati duo tried to bring India's name on the Tennis world. Then Sania followed the same route and I do agree that this is quite interesting, but we still did not get a single Wimbledon or US open shield. Still we are making progress and we have to appreciate it.
We all know(hopefully) our National Sport - Hockey. Once we were the champions of this sport. and now we stand no where in this even after Shahruk Khan's tremendious effort for inspiring to play this sport in "ChackDe". We couldn't even qualify for the recent Beijing Olympics in Hockey.
If we consider Badminton once Gopichand cerated a sensation by winning an international tournament, but after that everything calm down. In recent past Saina Nehwal also tried hard to get into quarter finals of Olympics but couldn't make it.
Boxing, Wrestiling (Vijender,Sushil Kumar ) are the new entries for the Indian Sports where we got some identity in this Beijing Olympics. We really has to aplaude these warriors who kept India in a good position than earlier olympics where India was not listed in the ranks.
Of course here we have to mention Abhinav Bindra's Riefel 10 meters Gold which gave Indian Pride to light for the first time Individual gold medal in Olympics.
When we are discussing about the Olympics I would like to know some things from you. Are we really need to be proud to get the first Individual Gold medal India won this year? Is it supposed to be before 2-3 Olympics?
Nigeria, Latvia,Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Jamaica, Kenya, Armenia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia. All these countries are before India in the Olympic medal list, where as India placed at 53rd place from the top. Do we deserve to be there after these countries? In the above list you might see the country names which you might not heard before or some of the African countries which are very backward compared to India and definitely all these countries has 1/50th population compared to India. So even after having this much population and economically growing much faster, we are not moving as fast as other countries in the Africa I mean the backward countries are also making much better progress than India.
What could be the reason for this? Does the govt not spending sufficient money on Sports or no encouragement for the other sports than Cricket in India? or the section for the events are based on bias ?
I think all of these are the reasons for the poor performance in India in Sports.

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