Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fuel for Software Industry !!!

Fuel for Software Industry

When I am talking about the fuel for software industry, you might be thinking that I would talk about the software engineers getting produced every year who are fuel for software industry. I am sorry to say that I am not talking about anything like this. I am directly talking about the fuel (Diesel) problem right now Indian Software industry facing these days.
I think 3 weeks back, one day when I was in office and working seriously to fix a CSS issue for new design of a page the power went off and system too. I am surprised and looked at the next cube and everybody was in same state of mine. After few minutes our Admin guy told us that this is a power outage and we are running out of "Diesel" to run our generator. That day we were happy that we need not work for the day. At round 4 PM we got the power back to resume our work, but by the time we got the power we lost the mood to work as were in the morning. If you play carom board for 4 hrs and after that if you has to work you can think of your mood :(.
So after this day our admin people came into action and figured out the standard timings of the power cut from the electricity board and told us these are the timings the power going to off and struggled to get the diesel from many different out lets, but still they could not make it as there is a scarcity already there for Diesel, why is the scarcity? Lot of big industries and IT companies ready to buy the diesel at higher price and many out lets stopped selling diesel as they are getting wholesale orders from big IT companies in thousands of liters.
Here I could see the struggle for existence again, If the small IT companies could not show the productivity well they will be screwed up from the upper management in US and they will take back the projects and this will cause cost cutting and reducing the head count in India. I would say if this problem persists for more than 3-4 months there will be lot of lay offs in the small and mid-level software companies as the productivity will get reduced.
To increase the productivity our company changed the office timings itself accorfing to the power cuts. when the power will be off we will be at home and whenever the power is back we will start working. But this would not be a permanent solution as the people are more efficient workers in the morning than after lunch and now we are starting our work after lunch.
Anyways all the companies are struggling with this problem in India and I hope the power supply will be back as normal soon so that all the software companies would be back in form and give good results and grow the industry.

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