Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hostel Days (Part VI)

Wajar Trip

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After 1-2 ka 4. I would like to share the memories of trip to Wajar (A small village with big values.) 80 KM distant from Amravati.

I think that is on Aug 15th '01. That was very soon I joined the hostel and most of our batch people are not in the hostel. Our seniors planned a trip to Wajar, I didn't know even the name of that village till that date. Someone from my senior batch came to me and asked that would I be interested to join for this trip as they were going in our college bus and there are lot of seats empty.
I thought for a moment and said I would like to join though no one from my batch are joining this trip. Then I asked him what is the specialty of this village and the response was very heart touching for me.
The answer was my college is maintaining a home for the mentally retorted children in this village and we are going to share this day with them and distributing sweets to all those children there. Then I said I would defenitely want to participate in this tour and wanted to see how this home is and to meet those small kinds who are missing their most valuable things in their lives.
We started our journey and around 9 AM I guess and we reached there with in 2 hrs. The way to this village was really cool and full of scenic beauty. We didn't even know when we completed the journey of course with a tea break for the us and driver. and the organizer of this home was with a similar hair style to Abdul Kalam and a slim personality was there to invite us.
After getting down the bus I looked around and there was a small hill and path way to reach that hill. But I don't see any building over there and wondering where that could be. This social service man guided us to take that path way towards the hill and it was so beautiful view.
We reached the small house entrance and all the kids were formed in a queue and they have a
flower in their hands. each kid handed a beautiful flower to each of us. This was a thrilling moment for all us as we didn't expected anything like this with these kids. But everything was very organized there, there were three or four young girls who are serving these kids and training them many things like how to wish the people and how to behave with new people etc. We handed the sweets we took there to the organizer and he handed them to one of those girls.

Then the organizer showed us all the kids and told the history of each of the kid. I mean how he got into this home, who are their parents and why they left this kid here etc. Each kid had a tragic story behind him which he himself doesn't know and smiling at us when the organizer talking about his story to us. After hearing all of these kids stories, we realized that India has millions of kids like this and many unfolded tragic stories. Then we moved to see the whole home, there are around six rooms there with different beds, bathrooms for different kids.
I have to appreciate my college management to look after these students giving them food all throughout the year. He showed us the garden developed by these kids and it was so beautiful with full of flowers and trees.

After that we told the organizer that we are going to see the surrounding scenic beauty and started climbing the mountain near the home. we saw all the wonderful sceneries and returned to bus while coming back we said good bye to all the kids and left with a heavy heart. The bus was full of silence for next 30 minutes while coming back and somebody interrupted the silence and said hey all, see there is a Chic Peas (Chana) cultivation and it is grown up now to eat anybody interested for it? I said even if we are ready to eat who will give us to eat them?
He said who wants to ask them? I understand his idea and smiled back with in seconds we were in the fields of chic peas and plucked as many as possible and got back to the bus.
All the way back was full of rain and we enjoyed this journey a lot. that way this journey became a memorable day in our lives.

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