Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Cartoon Character "Zoozimps"

I am a fan of cartoons from long time .. .... everybody like cartoons (hopefully)
but you will love some cartoons very much. when I ask many kids they say Tom & Jerry takes the first place of all cartoon characters.
I also love Tom & Jerry a lot but in the recent past I saw somewhere this new cartoon character called "Zoozimps" when I was crawling some site and I liked this cartoon in the first sight.
Don't ask what I liked in this cartoon, may be the big nose, or the stomach or the simple structure of the cartoon or something else...... there could be some similarities between me and zoozimp, which I might not aware of. You could scribble here if you find any similarity.
Now on I have decided to post some poses of my dear Zoozimp on my blog with a name Today's Zoozimp.

Someday I am expecting to get an Orkut theme of Zoozimps...If you like Zoozimp please join the Zoozimp Community in orkut.

Thanks to all my supporters .......

Here you go ...........

Zoozimp's Victory


  1. i think stomach of yours and Zoozimps matches dear

  2. what the.........cow marrio awsome so smexy

  3. what i love zoomsimps


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