Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interesting Vs Challenging work

We recently asked for a feedback in our office.we got pretty different feedback from different people that they are not getting challenging work and some said they are not getting interesting work. These two things made me think what exactly they were trying to tell.

Interesting work vs challenging work 

What is interesting work for u? It might be different from person to person.
If u ask me I might say writing a two page application in HTML5 and any JS frameworks would be interesting for me,but might not be challenging. But the same thing could be challenging for an entry level developer.
If you have to implement some complex algorithm into Java code that might be more challenging than writing CRUD operations in JDBC.

Sometimes we come across things which are interesting as well as challenging. Did you ever felt like that ? 
So, according to me if you are willing to work on anything with your full interest that would be always interesting, but to achieve that target if you have to struggle that would be the challenging work which you would love to do.
Most often I feel debugging legacy code is the challenging job to do, it is challenging but many people won't love to do it because they don't find it interesting.
"Developers are interested in creating legacy code not maintaining it"

So, nobody can define what is interesting work what is challenging work. You have to think yourself to find out what is interesting to you and what challenges you are ready to take on !!!! 

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