Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Abroad Experiences - Part 1

After a long time I got an o pportunity to travel abroad for 2 months to Denmark, my previous visit was to US that was in 2007 winter. I was happy to go because I got this offer after a long time as well as the place was different this time. I was never been to Europe earlier. So I thought I will have both the opportunities to work with some new people as well as understanding the other continent people as well.

Only concerning part for me in this travel was I have to travel alone. I am kind of person who like to talk a lot. Blah.... Blah.....Blah. But unfortunately I had to travel along that too for a period of 2 months :-/
I asked for an apartment to stay there where I would be able to cook some veggie food as it is difficult to get something like Alu-Gobi sabji there in any restaurant in Kolding. As there was a Service apartments group was there named "Kolding Byferie" , my manager booked that for me.

I started from Bangalore on 10th October 2010 the magical date 10-10-10 and the flights were from Bangalore to Frankfurt a long flight of 14 hours and a waiting of  7 hrs in Frankfurt airport to get a connecting flight for a place called Billund in Denmark. After getting down @ 6 PM there I had to take a cab for a nice place called Kolding, DK. It was about an hour drive to reach this place.

As the apartments group has a reception inside it, it would be closed at 5 PM as they mailed me that they will keep it in a box outside the reception and they mailed me the pass code of that box as well. I thought that would be an easy task to get it because some of my colleagues who traveled before me already explained me how that works, so I thought everything is perfect.

By the time I reached there it was completely dark as it was already around 7:30 PM and the reception was closed as expected. I asked the cab driver to help me out to get the key and he helped me pulling out my luggage from the boot and find my key of the apartment too. Then the real and unexpected problem started, It was written on a cover - M-4 on the key cover, and the driver explained me that each building has an alphabet as name and each has 4 apartments in it. That was really easy to understand and he asked me to roam around and figure out the building written as M and go inside the find the number 4 apartment. This sounded pretty easy to me and I said thanks to driver and he said good bye.

Then I started finding buildings and I was able to reach out all other letter buildings but M,N,O,P buildings are missing. After roaming there for 30 mins I was sweating like hell , not only due to pulling the huge luggage  bags due to the tension building up in my mind, what I should do if I am not able to find this building, because in these countries  nobody will be outside after 7 PM. After 30 mins I was able to find one old lady with a dog who came for a walk.... I approached that lady and she showed me a route and said go straight and take a left and walk for few mins you will find the first building as M. She was my angel that time :-)

I walked in the way she showed me for 20 - 30 feet and I could see a big lake in front of me and the left road was completely with mud and stones and not even a single light on that lane. I was completely pissed off with that and I reached back to reception and took sometime to calm down myself. Then I started thinking and luckily I saved a help line phone number on my mobile and I activated international roaming before I go. I tried that call and a guy picked up and was trying to explain me the route, and I was not in a position to listen to him. I asked him to comedown and take me to that apartment and he was telling that would be charged :-) I was almost thought of using F**k off to him. But I controlled and asked him politely that it would be great if you could come and guide me to the apartment. He came after 10 mins and asked me to walk n pull my luggage in that muddy and stony road which was a huge pain in my A**.  but somehow I reached the apartment before middle of the night. I thanked him and said Good night.

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