Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I lost and got it back :-]

Last weekend, I had a nice sleep after lunch and started feeling like going out by evening. I asked my wife, shall we go out? I got a response back saying "yes" and we have to get the groceries for this month. Then I realized the mistake I have done but I can't do much about it now. I had to get ready and go to a super market with a big list of things to buy with my wife and 10 months old daughter.  After spending 1 hr in searching required things and putting them in the cart I paid the bill with my credit card and asked the guy to deliver the things to my home.

I started back to my home, on the way my wife found good fruits in a fruit stall. she got down from my bike and I was holding my daughter on the bike itself. My wife asked me for money once the things are given. I gave my wallet to my wife and she paid the money to the vendor and gave me back the money. This shop is just end of my street. I took it and kept on my bike's tank. Once my wife sat on the bike I handed over my daughter to her and started my bike. As soon as my bike moved my wallet fell off :(

I came back home and sat for sometime and my wife asked me the bill details of our shopping. then I kept my hand in pocket and realized that there is no wallet there. It is a panic moment when you know that 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards and 2000 Rs cash is lost, to add some more value to this Original Driving License :)
I should say my wife's face was really in tension and started becoming red with in a minute. Though I was in tension I said, OK, don't worry I will walk back to that place and see if I could find it. I went through the road making my whole body as eyes to find my wallet back. I know for sure it is impossible to find it on the road anyway. Still hope keeps us alive, so I tried from my side without any luck.

After 10 mins I have decided to block my credit cards because the delay in doing this may cause big loss of money. My condition for money is really bad after booking a flat in Bangalore a month back. I can't afford a sing;le rupee loss in my current condition. I started my laptop to login and get my card numbers, suddenly my mobile started ringing..... This was the builder, to my surprise he asked me the first question "Have you lost your wallet ?" with a surprised voice I said yes. He said don't worry somebody got it and they gave me a call to find your number. I just wanted to make sure it is correct or not, take down his number and call him.

I thanked "GOD" that time really by saying "you proved that you exist". I called that guy immediately, he told me where to go to get it. I ran to that place and he was waiting for me. I didn't notice that somebody stand next to my bike and watching me and my daughter. His name is "ChandraMouli" and working for DELL as senior analyst. He took my wallet immediately and saw my visiting card in that, but unfortunately my mobile number was not there in my card. So he started looking at other visiting cards in that and found my builders card and called him for my name. I surprised with that and asked how did you came to know this my mine and remaining are someone else. He smiled and said I think you are still in tension, just relax. Your license is also there in your wallet ;). I thanked him many times, he said he has to go somewhere and friends are waiting for a party then I had to take leave before we exchanged our mobile numbers. till date I couldn't call him back but still I owe him a party for sure.

This is the story of this week. So far .......soo goooood.
Thanks a lot for reading.

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