Thursday, November 1, 2012

Are tabs addictive ???

Are tabs addictive? When i heard about these tablets 2 years back i thought these are some things might take long time before it reach to our hands. But very soon my thoughts were proven wrong and there are tabs available from 3k to 40k right now in the market. So even this fever hit me with 20k. I joined this tab club a month ago after i bought samsung galaxy p3100. Some of my team mates have these tabs from around an year back with an ipad fever. They kept telling me that tabs are addictive n u cannt really live with out these once u r used to it. Now i started feeling it. I could give u some examples for it.
1: my mom n dad visited me this month. My mom told me that she want to buy a laptop. I asked her why she wanted a laptop. She said she want to talk to all of us in video i.e skype. I asked her do unhave any other requirement ? She said she want to create some excel sheets for her office use. I showed her both these things in both laptop and tab. She was impressed with da ease of use of tab compared to laptop. She listed down the below advantages of tab over a laptop....
Compact Touch screen (easy to touch whatever she wanted than typing) Easy to carry n charge She can play games easily Take n edit photos One touch login for video chat (skype) ...
All the above things she learned in just a week n she was ready to buy it before she leave.
2: On a small short term business trip i am going to Denmark this weekend. My wife was eager to know if i am taking da tab with me, when i told her i am taking it with me just she gave a smile n said ok. But i could hear her inner voice ;-)
3: This is last but not least my 2 year old daughter when is crazy about the games like antz, taling tom, turbo kids n many other rhymes apps.
I could list many things here...i just wanted to give the idea....i am looking forward 4 something else new tecnology/trend which will change the world of tabs to something else....hope that day is not far.
Happy reading !!!!

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