Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are you inside the box ?

I attended a session of a innovator last Porus Munshi
He authored a book "Breakthrough Innovation"
He gave very valuable inputs for way of thinking and how and why we won't be able to think out of box.
He gave a simple problem to solve that very often asked to test your IQ but in a little tricky way.
Give me at least 10 different ways to divide the Square into "three" equal parts. He gave a 5 mins time and asked how many people got more than 5 answers.
I could see many hands raising with full happiness. Then he asked how many people got number of solutions between 5- 10 even I could see some hands who got that number. Then he asked how many got more than 10 solutions ?
Nobody raised hand then he askedhow many got more than 50 or 100 so on...... ?
Then he showed us how many ways you could have divided the square into 3 equal parts. It is a simple logic and people started thinking why didn't I think of that :)

Inside the box
But the reason nobody could think was the limit he set for that was just 10 and people didn't think it is necessary to think beyond it.
If you get a task which will ask you to solve the problem in a way, you could think of only 2 or 3 ways not more than that.
That's where people can't think out of box.
This was just one example he gave and then he told many different people who have done many inventions and how and why they could do it.
It was worth hearing his session.
If you get a chance to read the book I think you might get much more things .
Happy reading !!!!

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