Monday, July 14, 2008

Ideas to start a new business.


My Dream – to become an entrepreneur, but that is not so easy task to do and I started exploring the internet for new ideas for new business.

For developing any business we need many things as we think Capital and Finance, work force, Clients or Customers etc. But I think firstly, you should know what exactly you are going to do I mean IDEA. Your business idea which should be useful for the requirement of the people looking for the business.

"I like to tell people that all of our products and business will go through three phases. There's vision, patience, and execution." - Steve Ballmer

The above words by Steve tell you that every business must need a vision first not the capital or finance or work force. Once you have the vision you will definitely try to find out the ways to make your vision clear and close to you.

As a Software Engineer I started to search some sites on the net to figure out the ways to start a business. I know there are lot of people here who are looking for the same kind of information.

So, I thought it would be good idea to post these links in the blog.
Please let us know your feedback on this blog.

The Home Business and Internet Opportunities Site

This site is about finding and capitalising on business opportunities online (and off).
Wherever in the world you are, and whatever your age, there is an online business or money making opportunity that suits you. More importantly, you're going to find it's fun to make money online. It's a great adventure and we want you to join us.

This site will also give you the new sections on opportunities, info on working for yourself, working from home and on buying profitable web businesses as going concerns.


Setting up a new business involves a number of steps if you want to get things right first time itself. There will always be an element of trial and error in starting up a new business.

Interesting fact the Article “Setting up a new business - #1 Introduction” will reveal,

Of the four million businesses in the UK, over 99% are 'small' (0-49 employees), according to government data. At the start of 2003, 46.2 per cent of business employment was in small businesses. Even more interesting is the fact that 2.9 million of these small businesses have no employees at all - the majority of small businesses are operated by individuals, or by a small group of people”.

Cool Business is dedicated to the gathering of brand new promising business ideas and opportunities from around the world and informing our newsletter subscribers of emerging trends in the business world so that our worldwide subscribers can gain an edge over the relentless competition.

They rely on an international network of informers as our first-hand sources of new business ideas. Our findings are presented in our biweekly newsletter which you can subscribe for free as well as our regularly-updated blog.


Entrepreneurs Suite

This site provides you lot of information about lot of new ideas and references to lot of blogs written by enthusiastic people planning for to become entrepreneurs.

This site also has industry wise division where you can look for specific ideas on particular sector like Food, Machinery, Technology, Sports, Education etc.

Even they have a section called celebrity Writings where you will find the writings of people like Michael Gerber and Robin Cowie.


PlanWare is an independent management consultancy providing advice and assistance to industrial, commercial and public organizations in areas relating to business and corporate planning, strategic development and appraisal. It also develops and sells many of the software packages for business and financial planning applications at the Planware.

They give you different estimates and provides lot of planners in Excel format for free to plan your accounts, sales, marketing etc. They also provide you the Expert comments for your business and advice upon request. This is a great site to look at if you are serious in doing a long term business.


This site will give you lot of Articles with many innovative ideas on online businesses written by many recognized authors. Some of those articles give you much better idea on how you can use the Affiliate marketing. Blog, E-Commerce and Freelance service etc.

The below is the article which give you best ideas for new business with the title will give more info on what should be your expectations from any new business and what should be the expected timeline for the expected returns.

WebSite: Article

Top 10 Internet Home Business Ideas You Can Start and Run in Your Underwear

This site has lots of stuff related business like business news, business blog etc.

In this site I got a great article “Starting from Scratch” which give you a good understanding to start a new business. What all things you need and possess to maintain a long term business. Even some of these business tips can be implemented for online business too. Hope this article will help you in figuring out the ways for your business plan.


What do you think about the below Quotation?

New businesses fail usually due to poor management, not because of the idea for the business.- Peter Drucker, internationally renowned management expert

If you feel this is true then you must read the below article which gives you the many reasons why the newly started businesses fails with the first five years of its foundation.

The article “A Feasibility Study to Answer "Should I start a new business?"”.

If you are planning to start a new business then you must be having the questions like

What's the best time for starting a business?

What would be a best business to do?

And many more…… If you are looking for the answers for these kinds of questions then it is the right time to read the articles given in the they have given some best businesses to start in 2008.

Below are the articles you might want to have a look.

Best Business Opportunities 2008

What's the best time for starting a business?

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