Thursday, October 23, 2008

School Memories - Part II

If you missed School Memories Part I.
Here I am going to give introductions of some of our teachers whom I missed in my previous part. All the below mentioned characters are real and not fictitious, but any offensive comment on any character is not intentional.
  • Telugu Teacher - Her name is Shyamala. She always used to call us lambu jambu ( me and JNS) She never wrote a single sentence on the black board. I used to write the notes if required (I got many compliments from my teachers that my hand writing is very good.) If she need anything like deposits in Post office and bank etc. She used to send me and JNS for all these things, don't ask is this legal to do?
  • Maths Teacher - His name is Suryanarayana Murthy. He is really a good teacher with lot of knowledge and dedication towards teaching. He never waste a single minute in any class in my knowledge. Many students are afraid of him mostly those who don't read formulas. He is famous for his scoldings, they are very funny but the guyz used to feel bad when he scold them before the class (I mean before girls :)
  • Hindi Teacher - I don't remember her name but she is famous as Hindi teacher. She always teaches good but she is short tempered, if any student do any mistake she would become angry and scold them very hard but no student fear about this teacher. Even if she tried to beat any student she used to get injured instead of students. I still remember one incident I think when I was in seventh standard, She came to school on her Luna Super and there was a medium size bump at our school gate and she was unable to push this Luna above it and she asked me to push Luna from behind, now you can imagine her strength ;)
  • Physics Teacher - His name is Satyanarayana Raju. His style is very different than others. He always used to sit on the table instead of chair and he always used to carry many small pieces of Chalk with him to throw on the students who make any noise in the class. One more specialty of him is always called the students with their Sir name (Last name) instead of first name which is very rare in south india.
  • Natural Science Teacher -His name is Balakrishna. I fell he is the coolest person on the earth. He used to take the lesson as slow as possible. I would like to share one secret information about him, He used to have hair on all his body so, we (Confined circle of my friends) used to call him bear.
  • Head Master - His name is Vishwamohan Rao, he used to take us very small number of classes of social studies. His specialty is unique, he used to remove all his belonging like wrist watch, gold rings and pull out his wallet from the pocket and put all these things on the table and then start his lesson. I thought many times what if somebody stole any of those things while he was writing something on the board.
I would like to conclude now for today, will get back you with more funny incidents and sweet memories soon.


  1. baa rasaru mastaru....again remembered good old days, waiting for next part.....

  2. hi kiran,
    waiting for next part.


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