Friday, February 20, 2009

'Slumdog - Millionaire ?'

After a long time, I guess after 2 months I started Scribbling in my blog,
many people asked me too, nothing happening in blog. I would say thanks to all of them who took time to have a look at this page.

Please don't consider this as a review of the movie, these are my thought before and after watching this movie.

I watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire this weekend and I felt some positives and negatives after watching this movie. Many people don't like reality movies because they know the reality and want to enjoy or watch something superstitious which will not happen or can't do by themselves. I mean beating 20 people in one slap like Rajanikanth does in his movies.
Some people want to laugh and spend some good time by watching a movie.
This movie don't have anything like this but I could say this is not 100% reality movie. Many things shown in this film are not that easy as shown. By considering this we can say that this is a just another commercial movie, but there are lot of people who said this is reality movie because it showed the life of slums in Mumbai.
In fact many people (Amitabh) criticized that this American producer want to showcase the Indian poverty and make awards from it. India don't have only poverty and slums :(
I heared a voice that he said that because in the movie, Hero ( Jamal Malik ) got an autograph from Amitabh who came out of deep shit with Amitabh's photograph.
But I do agree with this part of Amitabh every channel and news paper stated that "Indian Oscar deams might get fulfilled this time with Slumdog".
I don't understand why this could be? This is not an Indian film. This is a hollywood movie, only some of our actors and A R Rehman gave the music to this film.
But I feel, getting an Oscar for this film is not the success of Indian cinema.
Anyhow this would the biggest honor for an Indian music director.

Lets leave this apart and have a look at the other side of the film, some activist from mumbai filed a suite against this movie that how can they say a "Slum- DOG" this will hurt many people staying slums and down their morale. but in the recent past I could see many stories as -
"Slumdog Millionaire has changed the way I see slum kids" so this is still an open question to all.
So, over all this film has created lot of waves in all kinds of people from bollywood biggies to slum -dogs ;)

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