Friday, February 27, 2009

Namma Bengaluru.

Note: All the statements below are only my personal feelings.

Bangalore / Bengaluru : Silicon valley of Asia, Garden city of India.
I recently changed my job and moved from Pune to Bangalore. I was in Bangalore for couple of months some time in 2003. I was in rainy season I guess... anyways I felt ok that time even after considering the traffic, pollution, weather etc. In the New Year 2009 I decided to move to Bangalore as I got much better offer, and came. I could see lot of difference as any other city lot of increase in flyovers, traffic, pollution but the main difference I notices and many people feeling is the change in weather conditions of Bangalore. Now the summers are not as better as earlier. It was really pleasant even in summers before 5 yrs. I felt the same in case of pune. It was much better in all ways before 5 yrs. What could be the cause of this change?
Nobody is worried about the changes happening near by?
The small things happen near to us make this difference? if yes what are they ?
Bangalore is famous as garden city, but in the recent past many people noticing that many trees are disappearing from roads near to their office or home or on the way they go every day.
The day before one of my team member was going back to home and on the usual turn to his home noticed something missing on the road and realized after few seconds..... The big banyan tree on that turn is not there.
Similar experiences are there with almost all people in Bangalore.
This could be the main reason behind the increase of Bangalore summer temperature. The traffic and vehicles are increasing day by day and the trees are decreasing, which can absorb the carbon dioxide.
What is the need to destroy these trees? The corporation people has reason to say – ‘to improve the infrastructure and roads of Bangalore.’
I don’t know what all we could do to prevent our lives from pollution. May be we need to start some ‘Chipko’ movement again to prevent trees from cutting. This was a movement initiated by some female peasants in Uttarakhad, India where these people used to ‘Chipak’ ( to Stick in Hindi) to trees when somebody tries to cut a tree. This was a social awareness they tried to develop in the un educated people, but nowadays educated people don’t have time to even think about these kind of things even after knowing the effects of destroying trees.
I think after some years this city is going to be a silicon city only instead of Garden city of India.
Let’s think about it at least…. This is not the problem of only Bengaluru, the whole India is facing this problem.

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