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Semi up / Semi Down :) [Hostel Days XI]

P.S: Sorry for the delay happened to get back to you with the latest edition of my Hostel Days XI.

I believe most of the team members remember the title Semi Up and Semi Down, because it is the most popular dialog in our Panchmadi trip.
Panchmadi, the beautiful forest and hill station in Madhya Pradesh. I think that is the year 2002 – Oct/Nov month. Our senior in college Rajesh Dange’s sister marriage was there in a village called Nandan, M.P. We all in the hostel planned to go for this wedding to help him in the marriage. But we even had a plan to visit Panchmadi the hill station of MP. Of course this was a known plan, the journey itself was a life time memory to many of us. While going we went from Nagpur to Chindwara by train and from there a memorable bus journey of 3-4 hrs till Nandan.
Somehow we reached the place Nandan and asked somebody how to reach Dange’s house, as it is a small village we thought anybody can help us and even that was correct and we got the ‘s information, but the guy who explained the root in the below funny way – go straight , “take first left, you will get a SEMI UP, then take a right from there, you will get SEMI DOWN, go till the end you will find the house”. From that day our trip was of a week and wherever we found up or down we used to laugh for a minute. Anyways we went to the temple of Nandan on a hill in the evening it was really awesome place to stay for some time and see the nice sun set from there.
The next day was the marriage, we enjoyed the marriage lunch and we started for Panchmadi from there next day.

We took a TRAX to reach our destination; it was a awesome and pleasant drive through grazing lands, drenches, forests, woods etc to reach our destination. By the time we reached it was little dark and we planned for camp fire but didn’t work. . We got some accommodation and settled well for the night and took rest to start our expedition from next day. We went to many points next day the places I remember are ‘Bees fall, Chota Maha Dev, Bada Maha Dev, Pandav Kund, Draupadi Kund, Sun Set Point and most important one …. Duchess Fall.
Most of these places were pleasant and gave us a really good memories for life time.
Some highlights I would like to re-collect are
- Baid (Sachin Vaidya) ‘s Bhalu and Share. When we went to Duchess Fall there are large sign boards saying that is a Tiger Zone. When we are walking towards to fall there was some movement before some feet, we all stopped for a moment Baid said, it’s a Tiger……., but after few seconds one Dog came out of the bush. The same happened in the “Bear Zone”
- Bada Maha Dev – This is an unforgettable place with millions of Trishuls all over the hill. The size of these Tishuls goes from 2-3 cms to 2-3 meters, climb the hill with out carrying anything in your hands would be very difficult for a healthy person and Ia can’t even imagine the people carry the 2-3 meter size trishul while climbing this hill.
- Draupadi Kund – this is the place where many shootings took place like Shahrukh Khan ‘Asoka’. The chilling water in this place was created a doubt that we have our feet after few minutes in water. The tea we had after coming out from this kund was awesome and the costliest ever I had before that day .

- Duchess fall – This was the best part of our trip as many people on the way to this place told us not to go there, we became very curious and wanted to see what exactly it is. Our driver took us to a place where we can’t see any water near by and told us to take one path and walk for some time to reach the water fall. We started walking for 10- 15 minutes and we don’t even hear any voice but we realized that we are going downwards from a hill peak we walked for 10 more minutes to hear some voice of water and after 10 more minutes walk we finally reached the water fall. After coming back we realized that we went down for 800 feet and came back. While going there we had lot of fun as mentioned above.
So, that’s all for now let’s meet again with some other story after some time ………..

The HVPM group at Nandan


  1. I was really gr8 and unforgattable trip...Thanks to Pera for wirting in such a golden word and reminding precious moments of life :)

  2. i missed the fortune, Wish i could have joined you. Reading this i also came across my experience with my graduation friends, when i travelled to Chikhaldara.

    Good Pera, Keep it up.


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