Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shekar’s Tapri….. [Hostel Days XII]

Here, I am talking about the most happening place of times 2000 -2004 in Amravati, Maharastra.
Nobody from HVPM can deny the above statement.

Shekar, the best tea maker, a good hearted, always support MCA guyz, the best money lender.
I would like to share my first day experience in Amravati and @ shekar’s tapri. That time shekar was inside our college premises near outdoor stadium. Me, Gajju, Lokya went for a tea in the morning around 7:30 AM. We ordered for tea and sat on the grass waiting for the tea. Four guys came there; all are above 6 feet with a good body built. All are sweating and carrying some packet in their hands. They ordered 2 milk, and took some pav-samosa and sat beside us. They opened the packet they brought with them, I could see 10-15 boiled eggs in it. The pav-samosa were around 8 -10. for my surprise the 2 milk were 2 ½ ltr packets for each person. Shekar brought 4 mugs of milk and kept before them. I could not resist myself by asking a question who they are? They are our college M.P.Ed(Masters in Physical Education) students after that I got used to see that kind of breakfast everyday.

The first Pav-Samosa I had in my life was at Shekar’s tapri. As a south Indian and a coffee lover from childhood I never liked to have tea, but after having tea at Shekar’s tapri I started liking tea. The ginger tea prepared by Shekar not only has a good taste, it is good for health too.

I think this the credit goes to our seniors making that good rapport with Shekar by treating him as a friend instead of a tea vendor. He was always ready to help MCA guys with anything he could. I personally took money when I was in need, waiting for DD from home. He was the part of our hostel; we called him for all our parties which are exclusively for hostel members.

There are many things used to happen here, usually movie plans, birthday preparations, shopping plans, the most important Party plans.

We all miss this happening place now and hope we will go back and have some good time again.

Note: I recently came to know that Shekhar is now opened a Juice center instead of Chai tapri on Badnera road.

I wish he would grow from juice center to hotel and chain of hotels ...... so on.

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