Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We need a Software God?


Software Engineer, very easy to detect him as he will be very sad on Monday and happy on Friday.
Of course there are exceptions to all .... coz there are people working on 24*7 support also :-(
And in today's world the life of millions of people is in 1's and 0's.
Best example lies here.

Anyway that is not our topic now. I was lately facing many technical problems and I was praying god to solve all my problems. but I was thinking which GOD would be best suited for this.

Because in Indian mythology there are specific gods for specific things. Like for Rains you should pray Varuna Dev and for Money you should pray Lakshmi Devi and so on....
when our ancestors defined these gods they don't know computer and software, hardware, technical support etc. otherwise they would have defined the gods for each purpose. Now if we have a .Net or Java or QTP code issue or we are unable to solve a server level issue like clustering or data replication or concurrency issues, to whom I have to pray.

By now you might be saving that what the heck....... Ravi doesn't know the software God yet !!!

How could he survive for these many years in software with out knowing a software God ?

Yes you are right ....

I already know your answer Search Engine (and now most of the people refer this as Google).

But I think this is not God... This calls a debate among us, but I this is more like a "Binary Code Man".
This Binary Code Man means it is like a super hero, HeMan, SpiderMan or a SuperMan. This will give us info if it has and most of the complex problems will have many solutions in forums which are not suitable for you or misleading. Yes, I do agree that this will definitely point you to something which will be useful for you. But it might not solve your complete problem as expected.
So, I mean there are always limitations to the Super heros. But anything is possible to God. I would like to have some Gods to pray when I am stuck with complex problems.

If you too think the same, lets pray to some other god to grant us a god who will take care of this new portfolio called Computers and Software, later we might think to add more categories like Tech support and BPO in the same God's profile.


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