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Journey Of Comedy in Tollywood

Telugu Film Industry which is now known as Tollywood. I don't know from when it became Tollywood, but the comedy of this industry must be much older than this name. I don't know when the first comedy movie got released, still I am sure it is started from the time of Dumb movies. I believe the first Indian movie was "Raja Harishchandra(1913)" must have some comedy scenes for sure.In early 1940's we started having Talkie movies. Though I am very young to talk about the comedy from beginning of Cinema industry in India, Whatever movies I have seen I feel there is tremendous changes happened in each and every section of the cinema like Direction, Music and Technology like Animation and last but not least Acting of Actors [I don't want to comment on any Hero now :P]. But here ...

I would like to write some of my comments on the Comedy those I noticed from many years. I watched many movies from 1950's till now. I think "Mayabazar" and "Patalabhairavi" came in 1950's. From that time I watched many movies till now.
I think Ramana Reddy and Relangi would be the first slot of full time comedians in telugu industry. I could remember many of those actors scenes by watching it you could laugh for hours. Even if you remember some scenes you cannot control your laughter.
I would say Relangi acting in Mayabazar, Missamma, Illarikam, Narthanasala and many more.
My favorite dialog of Relangi is 'Tailam ...Tailam padayyendi sir' and "Sundari aha Sundari" song in Mayabazar.
Relangi is one of the finest comedians Telugu industry has got, and nobody can deny that too.
I should mention is acting in both Social movies as well as Pouraanikams. He was the best suite for Uttara Kumarudu who is jealous of Abhimanyu in Mayaabazar. Another best example would be in missamma movie he ask bribe to ANR every time he ask some info about the NTR and savitri's flash back. Those sequences are really great and ever green.

Ramana Reddy
His personality is a big plus for Ramana Reddy and his expressions are tremendous in some movies. You can not stop laughing if you see the song "Ayayo chetilo Poyene" from Kulagothralu.
In Gundamma kadha he is brother of Suryakantam, his character in this movie is mix of cunning villan but still he could produce much comedy out of it.

I think after these two legendary comedians the industry trend got changed a little bit. I believe the comedians got more prominence and some are settled as a comedy villeins as well. the next person in that list would be Allu Ramalingiah and Rajababu. In this the variation is Allu was from the period of Relangi and Ramana Reddy he was doing very small roles in those films where the charm was taken by Relangi most of the times. He could pick up well in 1970's. I think it started from Sambarala Rambabu and Andala Ramudu.

Allu Rama Lingaiah
He is great comedian and actor for sure. I would say he is an actor rather than a Comedian. because he acted as character artist in many movies and his performance in those movies also was extraordinary. I should give examples of Andala Ramudu as "Tee Taa" Teesesina Taseeldaar he could generate some healthy humor. I personally like the his performance in Sankarabharanam movie as Raju friend of Sankara Shastry. His best dialog was "meeru yaajulu memu raajulam" okari maata okaru gouravinchukovali mari. ee saariki ala kanicheyyandi.

The next one in the list none other than Rajababu and Padmanabham. When they became popular the comedy trend got little changed. Padmanabham played some good characters and Rajababu was also prooved himself as a good actor through "Tata Manavadu" but the comedy trend became little bit changed. They started getting priority and most of the times these characters are around Hero and praising hero all the time. Some seperate comedy tracks irrespective of movie scope. This is not at all relevant to the main story and creating some songs just for fun with some side actress. This song trend went for many years for comedians in the industry.

The next part to be continued .......

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