Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exam Time .... [Happy Days XIII]

I am back with some interesting chronicles of college time.
Many students say, the exam time is the worst time they ever had in college time. Usually pupil enjoy the student life and college time very much. But when exams start they all put a full stop to the enjoyment and start study hard till mid nights. I heard this kind of stories from many people.
But I believe my exam days were more relished, because I have an appetite of humor and used made fun of people often. This is time where I used to get many people's leg to pull. I don't say I have a photographic memory but I can write and elaborate things well. This gave me little advantage than others in hostel. I used to read all chapters only once before exam day.
In our hostel some people used to read the whole chapters many times, they used to call this as "revision". That time, I didn't knew this will become a most important jargon of my life ("revision"). But I was never able to do it in my college life.
Some of my friends {I would like to mention their names [ CD, BAID, LOKYA, UNNI ... KOLTE]}
would always had 4-5 revisions for each paper. This is a big surprise for me till date.
The revision master was CD this guy always had 10-15 revisions. I used to sit wearing a short and a vest and sit for hours together with out changing the position. This is one more thing I could never do in my life time. I admire CD in this regard.
His roomie Baid was one more admirable person who never wasted a single minute during this time. I could give one "solid" example for this. We used to go to mess to have our dinner, but this guy don't want to waste the time he used to order a Tiffin to his room. Now you can imagine how many "Revisions" he could have done for each paper.
This is one category of the team .... the other team is Me and Nitin.
We used to play cards every day during the night even the day before the exam. Many people {Seniors} scolded us in many ways, but they couldn't change us. This became our sentiment to play cards before exam. Even we used to play the cards before we leave for exams some times.
{ PS: This was not over confidence, this was just sentiment }
When we started discussing about sentiment .... Some sentiments of our Hostel.
"On the day of Exam we have to hear Devotional Songs in the morning and pray god.
"Tu hi maata.... Tu hi pita hai.." I don't remember the singer name but this was the song we must hear before we leave to any exam."
I still remember this casette became old and it was not playing in the last semester but we somehow made it work for last few exams. { God was on our side for sure...... we all passed the exams.}
I am dam sure about that nobody from our hostel could forget this song in his life time.
Everyday we used to visit the Amba Mandir in the evening after dinner around 7:45- 8:00 PM.
This was the regular time of Aarti & Prashaad in this temple. Most of us never missed Aarti {Don't think this was a "Prashaad" bhakti}.
But before we go to Exam all of us used to visit this temple to pray the Amba.{ To get only those questions we read in the night :P in the exam}

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